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which were still roped together at the wrist, back to her pussy. Then I gave her a half-dozen more hard spanks on her bottom. Carol’s ass was pink from the treatment I was giving it. I untied her hands, then retied them behind her back. She collapsed onto her stomach, but I wasn’t through with her yet.
    For a finale, I was going to fuck her hard, with her arms and legs spread-eagled on the bed. But as Carol lay on the bed, face down with her hands still bound behind her, she yelled, “Fuck me from behind!” I was happy to oblige, and after dipping my hard-on into her cunt for lubrication, I jammed it (much too hard, I regret) into her asshole. Unfortunately for her, Carol was asking me to fuck her cunt from behind. But I misunderstood and slid up her ass. Carol moved her butt back and forth trying to dodge the thrusts of my prick. The more she wiggled her ass, the better it felt for me, and I had the orgasm of my life when I came between the cheeks of her derriere.

    Nancy Friday

    Some fantasies should be lived out. For instance, the timid man who dreams of asking a beautiful girl for a date might well put fears of rejection aside and act on his wish. Even if she says no – even if the worst happens and she laughs at him
    – something will be gained: confirmation that being put down by a beautiful girl is not death. Courage is often a matter of learning that you can survive doing things that frighten you.
    Do it often enough and the fear is tamed.
    Being rejected by a beautiful girl you don’t know doesn’t cost much. You didn’t have anything to begin with. Deciding to act out a fantasy with someone you love risks forever scarring a relationship that means a great deal.
    You may think it would be thrilling to make love to your wife in a secluded corner of the beach; the remote possibility of discovery only adds spice. If she does not agree, it does not mean she is inhibited; it merely means that your fantasy is not her fantasy. For you to demand it in the name of love does not prove you are freer than she – only bossier, or more frightening. While Penrod (above) tells us he was able to
    “coerce” his wife into fulfilling one of his fantasies, he doesn’t connect the fear she must have of him with what he describes as their “deficient” marital sex life. Penrod’s solution is to find women who are thrilled to help him put into practice those fantasies too “dirty” for his wife. Evidence of his masculine conflict can be seen in the statement that despite his wife’s puritanism he’d rather be married to her than to any of the more permissive women he meets. “I would never consider having such a deep commitment [as with Mrs.
    Penrod] with any other person.” For all her no saying, something in her must satisfy him very strongly.
    Let’s say the fantasy you want to act out is not as prob-lematic as any of those mentioned by Penrod, but one as idyllic as the aforementioned lovemaking on a beach. It still may not turn out happily.

    Men In Love

    The fantasy is thrilling because while it is still in your mind, you are running the whole show: lights, camera, action.
    Not only have you made the sky blue and brought sweet music to play in the air and caused the sand not to rasp in embarrassing places, you have also choreographed the emotions for any people who might stumble upon you. You have written that they can only show amazement, admiration, and the desire to imitate you by joining in. But if the scene ever happened in real life, the emotion you might feel before strangers could well be such burning shame that you (and she) might never forget it. Les (above) started to put his homosexual fantasies into practice, but in the end decided not to. “I guess my reluctance ... relates back to my strong Catholic upbringing.” Whatever the reason for reluctance, if it is there, think again.
    None of us is merely the product of our adult minds. The values by which you were raised are probably more

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