Judy Mood And The NOT Bummer Summer

Judy Mood And The NOT Bummer Summer by Megan McDonald

Book: Judy Mood And The NOT Bummer Summer by Megan McDonald Read Free Book Online
Authors: Megan McDonald
Tags: Humor, Children
No More Snoresville
    L.D.O.S.! Last Day of School!
    The countdown: only 27 minutes, 17 seconds, and 9 milliseconds until… SUMMER!
    No more
summers. She, Judy Moody, was going to have the best summer ever. RARE!
    Judy passed a note to Rocky before Mr. Todd came back.
To: Rocky, Frank, and Amy Namey
    What: T.P. Club meeting
    When: After school!
    Where: Moody backyard: T.P. Club tent
    Be there or be a SquarePants

    Rocky flicked the note to Frank. Mr. Todd came into the room carrying a stack of papers. He had his GOT MUSIC cap on — backwards! He blinked the lights to get everyone’s attention. Frank popped the note into his mouth.
    “Pop quiz!” said Mr. Todd. Class 3T groaned.
    “Just think: it’s your
test on the
day of school.”
    “Aw! Nah-uh! Bad one!” everybody moaned.
    “No way,” said Frank. The note shot out of his mouth and landed smack-dab in the middle of Rocky’s desk. Slobber City!
    “Gross!” yelled Rocky.
    Mr. Todd passed out the quizzes. Mr. Todd cleared his throat. “Question number one: How many times did I wear a purple tie to school this year?”
    Everybody shouted answers.
    “One hundred!”
    “Never!” called Jessica Finch.
    “Never is correct!” said Mr. Todd.
    “Number two: How long did it take our class to go around the world?”
    “Eight days!” said Frank.
and a half
days,” said Judy.
    “Too easy. Let’s skip ahead. Here’s one. This is big. Really big. We’re talking MUCHO GRANDE!”
    “Tell us!” everybody shouted.
    “Can anyone — that means YOU , Class 3T — guess what I, your teacher, Mr. Todd, will be doing THIS SUMMER?”
    “Working at the Pickle Barrel Deli?” asked Hunter. “I saw you there.”
    “That was last summer,” said Mr. Todd. “But this summer, if you find me, you win a prize.”
    “We need a clue,” said Judy. “Give us a clue.”
    “Clue! Clue! Clue! Clue! Clue!” yelled the class.
    “Okay, okay. Let me think. The clue is…  COLD .” Mr. Todd hugged himself, pretending to shiver. “Brrr.”
    Jackson waved his hand. “Refrigerator salesperson!”
    “Snow-remover guy!” said Jordan.
    “Polar-bear tamer!” said Anya.
    Judy thought and thought. Her eyes landed on the Antarctica poster tacked to the bulletin board.
    “Ooh! Ooh! I got it! You’re going to Antarctica. The real one.”
    “No, no, nope, and nope,” said Mr. Todd.
Just then the final bell rang. Class 3T went wild.
    “See you next year,” said Mr. Todd.
    “Unless we see you this summer!” some of the kids yelled.
    “Bye, Mr. Todd,” Judy called, zooming out the door. “Stay warm.”
    “Stay Judy!” Mr. Todd called after her.

    “Last one in the tent is a rotten tomato!” Judy, Rocky, and Amy pushed past Frank into the T.P. Club tent in Judy’s backyard.
    “Hey! No fair!” said Frank.
    Judy pulled out a giant, rolled-up poster board. “Okay, T.P.-ers! We are going to have the most way-rare, double-cool, NOT bummer summer ever.”
    “Time out,” said Amy, making a T with her hands. “What’s a T.P.-er?”
    Judy, Frank, and Rocky stared at one another.
    “We forgot!” said Rocky. “Amy’s not even a member of our club.”
    “Yet,” said Judy. “Quick. Frank. Go catch a toad.”
go catch a toad,” said Frank.
    “Why do we need a toad?” asked Amy. Everybody cracked up.
    “You’ll see,” said Frank.
    “You’ll see,” said Rocky.
    “What about Toady?” Frank asked.
    Of course! Judy was back in a flash from Stink’s room, holding Toady, the club mascot, in her hand. She passed it lightning-fast to Amy.
    Amy peered at the toad in her hand. “I don’t get it. What’s supposed to happen? If he jumps in my face, you guys are so dead.”
    “Just wait,” said Judy.
    “Just wait,” said Rocky.
    “Do you feel anything?” asked Frank.
    “Yeah. A big, fat, slimy —” All of a sudden, Amy made a face as something

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