Flesh: Part Six (The Flesh Series Book 6)

Flesh: Part Six (The Flesh Series Book 6) by Sky Corgan

Book: Flesh: Part Six (The Flesh Series Book 6) by Sky Corgan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sky Corgan

    “ I
just want to go.” My gaze falls to the floor as my heart sinks
to the pit of my stomach.
    I listened to Janice
and made Lucian wait on me, and this is my reward. There's a woman
sitting on his lap, and she's absolutely stunning. Long black hair,
big tits pushed together in a tight leather corset, and a smile that
probably has his dick stiff. She's perfect, and I'm already
    “ What
do you mean? Aren't we looking for your boy?” Janice sways
slightly to the music. I feel like we're polar opposites right now.
She's having the time of her life, and I just want mine to be over.
Who was I to hope that a guy like Lucian would really want to be with
a girl like me? Derrick was right. Chasing after him is only going to
make me wind up getting hurt time and time again.
    “ He's
in the back.” I gesture absentmindedly.
    “ Which
    “ The
one with the dark-haired girl on his lap.”
    “ Oh
wow.” Her head cocks back in surprise. “He's gorgeous.”
Then she realizes why I'm so upset. “Oh wow. Amy, I'm sorry. I
really thought—”
    “ It's
okay.” I place a hand on her arm. “I just want to go home
now. If you want to stay, that's fine. I can come back and pick you
up later.”
    She takes a deep
breath, looking contemplative. I can tell she really wants to stay
but is thinking that leaving with me would be the better move to
    “ Hey,
I want you to have a good time.” I stoop a bit to catch her
gaze. “I'm not going to be mad if you want to stay. I know this
is like...your dream come true.” My eyes dance across the fog
and lasers before finally landing on the entrance to the dungeon.
Janice is my best friend, and I refuse to stand in the way of her
happiness. This is nothing that a pint of ice cream and a good cry
won't fix.
    “ I'll walk you
back to the car.” She nods finally.
    “ Alright,
let's go.”
    I turn to start back
down the stairs, but then I hear my name over the sound of the music.
The voice it's coming from makes the hair stick up on the back of my
neck. We've been spotted. I don't care though. I'm over Lucian. I'm
over all of this.
    Janice and I are
about halfway down the stairs before Lucian catches up to us. He
grabs my arm, nearly causing me to trip.
    “ Amy, where
are you going?”
    I bite back my anger
as I turn to him. “I'm going home, Lucian. You said that if I
came here and didn't like what I saw, then I didn't have to stay.
Well, I definitely don't like what I saw.”
    “ Is this about
that girl?” He points back up to the VIP area.
    “ What girl?”
I pretend to play oblivious.
    He rolls his eyes at
me. “Don't do this. She's just a friend. We've known each other
for a long time.”
    “ She doesn't
look like just a friend.” I can't even meet his gaze. I hate
how jealous I sound. I am jealous though. Why would he even want me
when he can have someone like her?
    “ Come back
upstairs and I'll introduce you.” He lets me go and takes a few
steps upstairs. When he realizes I'm not going to follow him, he
    “ I'd rather
not.” I cross my arms over my chest.
    “ Alright,”
he hesitates. “Then I'll come downstairs with you.”
Lucian walks back down the stairs until he's by my side. It's at that
point that he notices Janice.
    “ Hi there.”
She waves at him awkwardly.
    “ And who might
this lovely creature be?” He takes her hand in his, flashing
her that smile that I naively thought was only for me.
    Just looking at
Janice, I can tell that her hormones are going into overdrive. Lucian
could have her in the blink of an eye if he wanted her. I just hope
he doesn't want her. That would be the toothpick in my shit sandwich
for the night, my best friend hooking up with the guy I've been
secretly pining over.
    “ I'm Janice,”
she replies, all googly-eyed. What a pal.
    “ Janice.”
He smirks knowingly. I used her name when I first met Lucian at
Flesh. Thank God, he doesn't bring it up. That would be

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