Finding Valor

Finding Valor by Charlotte Abel

Book: Finding Valor by Charlotte Abel Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charlotte Abel
ignorant about magic. He needed some serious tutoring before facing off with Dominance, but he needed Channie even more. Without her, Josh would never be able to focus. He’d proved as much while they were studying the words from the Book of the Dead. That boy had it bad.  
    So did Hunter. He knew that leaving without saying good-bye to Kassie was a chickenshit move, but he hated good-byes and she was already mad at him. If he thought they could have parted on good terms, he might have risked it, but they were both too hotheaded and stubborn. They’d end up fighting. One, or both, of them would say something they’d regret. He’d make it up to her after he rescued Channie.
    Hunter straddled the “Green Beast” and fired it up. He loved the way the engine roared to life. The vibration between his thighs gave him such a feeling of power. It was better than magic. It was almost as good as sex. He goosed the throttle and grinned as the front wheel lifted off the pavement. His worries scattered like leaves in his wake as he flew down the highway. Of all the gifts Ms. Stephanie had given him, this one was the best. He let out a whoop of pure joy. “Man, I love this bike!”
    The adrenaline rush faded, but left behind a pleasant energy that kept him alert for the first six hours. He stopped in Hayes, Kansas for food and fuel and then again in Wellington, even though he didn’t need to. He wasn’t going to risk running out of gas again. Not if he could help it. He could have pushed through without stopping to sleep, but decided that was pure foolishness. He needed to stay sharp and he couldn’t do that without getting a few hours of sleep. It was safer to stop in a big city where he could hide in plain sight. He hated to waste the money, but if he didn’t pick a nice hotel, his bike would attract thieves, including trackers. The Cherokee Hotel and Casino just off Highway 421 in Siloam Springs, Arkansas was perfect.
    He stepped up to the desk and pulled a hundred dollar bill out of his wallet. “I’d like a single room for one night.”
    “I’m sorry. We don’t rent to minors.” The lady behind the desk licked her lips as her gaze traveled south.
    “I get that a lot.” Hunter put his elbows on the counter and leaned forward to read her name tag.“But I assure you, Ms. Patricia, I’m legal.”
    He lowered his eyelids to half-mast, gave her a lazy, crooked smile and used his sexiest voice, but resisted the temptation to use a come-hither spell. She wasn’t a mage, but he sensed several nearby. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself, or get busted for using illegal magic.  
    Her cheeks flushed. “All guests have to sign in with proper identification. Even those paying with cash.”
    Hunter pulled his fake driver’s license out and slid it across the counter. “There you go, sugar. Is that proper enough?”
    She swallowed then tore her gaze from his with obvious effort and examined the plastic card. “I’m supposed to request two forms of ID.”
    Crap. Hunter’s smile slid off his face. “My ex cut up my credit cards. This is all I have. I guess I’ll go try my luck at the Best Western.”
    She covered Hunter’s hand with hers then glanced to the left at the other fella working next to her. He was busy checking in a couple of newlyweds. “Sign here. But don’t tell anyone.”
    Hunter smiled and winked at her. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
    “I get off work at midnight. I could show you around the casino.”
    “Tempting. Very tempting.” Hunter lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings, and she was attractive, but he was only flirting with her so she’d rent him the room. Seeing Kassie again had done a number on him. He didn’t want any more casual hookups. “I gotta get on the road by dawn tomorrow morning. If I meet you at midnight, I doubt I’d get any rest at all.”
    “That’s a little presumptuous.” She tugged her hand out of his grasp then

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