Falcondell: The Devil's Son

Falcondell: The Devil's Son by S J Crabb

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Authors: S J Crabb
ask Sally my fellow waitress. “Who was that?” Shivering she says, “Jake Knight. He goes out with Violet and that was his nephew who he spoke to. Not a family you want to be involved with in any way take my word for it.”
    I feel uneasy at her words. There is an air of menace that surrounds them and I am not sure that I will be able to cope with it.
    Heading home later I decide to have an early night. I need some time alone to re group and clear my head. I did think of going to the Ridge but can’t take the chance that Ash would turn up. I am starting to feel more and more imprisoned as each day goes on.
    When I get to school the next morning once again the talk is of a disturbance on the other side of town last night. Apparently some thugs went to a bar and trashed it. The rumours are that the owners owed Mr Knight money and he had run out of patience. The bar was completely destroyed and the owner was badly beaten. Most people believe that it was down to Ash and his gang and I feel sick thinking about it.
    I overhear Skylar boasting to her friends near the lockers. “Of course it was Ash and his gang, Jace told me. It’s them all over. Mr Knight calls and they come running. I’ll tell you what though girls, I had a good time afterwards if you know what I mean. Jace was on fire. Ash doesn’t know what he’s missing with me. I always used to help him calm down after a fight, it’s what I do best.” They all laugh and Teagan says, “Well you were lucky. I haven’t seen much of Jacob at all lately. I’m getting quite worried really; do you think he’s gone off me?” Another girl who I know to be called Paisley laughs saying, “You’re joking aren’t you. Have you looked around lately? There’s not much to choose from amongst this bunch of nerds. If he’s got someone else they must be from Freyview.” Then what I hear next chills me to the bone. Skylar says darkly, “Jace told me that Ash is interested in someone called Ana. I have a friend who goes to Freyview and she is going to find out if she goes there. When I find out where she is I think a visit might be in order, don’t you agree girls.” They all head off laughing viciously and in my nervous state I drop my books on to the ground. As I bend down to retrieve them somebody else goes to help me at the same time and we bump our heads. In alarm I look up and see a good looking guy kneeling before me. He has twinkling blue eyes and a kind face. His hair is a sandy colour and is the typical buzz cut that most of the Jocks prefer. Even from this position I can see that he is extremely fit. Smiling at me he hands me my book and helps me to my feet. Blushing I say, “Oh, thank you. I’m sorry if I hurt you.” He laughs and rubs his head. “Don’t worry about it; I am just glad to be of service.” Grinning at me he holds out his hand and as I shake it he says, “Hi, my name is Easton, you’re Grace right?” Smiling nervously I nod and he says, “I’ve seen you around. You’re Gabe’s cousin aren’t you?” I nod at him shyly. “I’m sorry, I don’t think that I’ve seen you before.” He pretends that I have wounded him. “And there I was thinking that you were dreaming about me in lessons.” He laughs good naturedly. “Anyway, just a thought but I was wondering if you wanted to grab a coffee with me after school? I’d like to get to know you and I promise to make you laugh.” Feeling completely shocked I don’t really know what to say. He is looking at me with such a hopeful expression and seems like a really nice guy. Any other time I would have taken him up on his offer but my heart is taken and I know that none of this would go down well if Ash found out.
    Before I can answer Gabe comes around the corner with his arm around Piper and seeing us they come over. “Hey Easton, what’s happening?” Grinning ruefully Easton says, “I was just asking Grace is she fancied a drink with me later after school, and then you

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