Dirty Neighbor (The Dirty Suburbs)

Dirty Neighbor (The Dirty Suburbs) by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

Book: Dirty Neighbor (The Dirty Suburbs) by Cassie-Ann L. Miller Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cassie-Ann L. Miller
when I was a teenager. Only it’s better in real life.
    He reaches into the pocket of his pants and pulls out a ridiculous amount of condoms. I can’t help but laugh. “Pretty ambitious, no?”
    His lips touch mine. “I’ve waited forever to do this. We’ll be at it all night, Sammie. All night.”
    The threat in his tone causes static to rush through me. Every part of me is alive and anticipating the moment when he’s finally inside.
    He hastily pushes his pants to the floor and I barely catch a glimpse of his erection before he slides on the condom. I whimper when he softly runs his knuckles over my swollen seam. “You’re so wet,” I hear the tremor in his whisper.
    He eases himself into me and a low groan pours out of his lips. I’m so full. So full of him. His cock stretches me so good. He’s greedy as he pulls my leg around his waist and gets oh-so-deep. His warm, tense body moves inside of me with a greedy intensity that takes my breath away. He’s lost in me, so far gone. I want to tell him to slow down so we can both savor the moment, but…
    His body goes rigid. His fingers dig into my thigh. He pumps his release into me with a low, frantic groan.
    He collapses onto the mattress next to me, gasping for air.
    I look at him, dumbfounded and when our eyes meet, we both burst out laughing.
    “I — I —” he stammers, clearly in need of an explanation.
    “Well, at least I wasn’t thinking about the laundry,” I say dryly. “You didn’t give me the time.”
    He reaches over and pulls my hand into his. “You can't blame me. I haven't touched a woman in three years."
    Those words shock the fuck out of me. I’d always believed Keeland to be a manwhore and he’s been proving me absolutely wrong ever since he got back to Reyfield. First, he tells me about his fiancé and stepchild. Now, he’s telling me that he hasn’t had sex in how long?
    “What the fuck, Keeland?” I prop myself up on my elbows, gazing down into his face. “Were you in the priesthood or were you in jail?” I say with giggle.
    He doesn’t answer. He just pulls me down next to him, so that we’re lying face-to-face. He holds me close and presses his lips to mine. “Gimme a do-over, babe.”
    Before I have time to make another witty comment, he claims my mouth, kissing me with soft but commanding lips. Our tongues touch. Soft but eager. He reaches between us and his big, warm hand massages my breast. His other hand caresses my ass, stroking and squeezing. I moan against his lips.
    His touch is tender but there’s no doubt who’s in control. I feel wetness running down the inside of my thigh. He groans when his hand slides between my legs and he feels exactly what he’s doing to me.
    “Fuck, Sammie. I need to taste you.” My lusty sigh fills the room as he slithers down the mattress. My muscles tighten with anticipation when he parts my legs, bringing his face between my thighs. He wraps my leg around his neck. The mere feel of his breath against my sensitive flesh is almost unbearable. He kisses me there, pressing his puckered lips to my swollen folds.
    “Keeland…” He looks up at me for a brief moment, lust blazing on his face. Then, with a wicked grin, he dives back between my thighs.
    His mouth is warm and greedy against my seam, teasing me. The warm tip of his tongue separates my folds and I clench around him, pressing my thighs around his cheeks. The sensation is too much, it’s too strong. I try to squirm away but his hand grips my leg, holding me in place.
    “Keeland…” His name sounds like a plea on my lips.
    But he won’t show me mercy. He has a reputation to salvage after all.
    He tips me over so that I’m lying flat on my back. He sucks on my clit in a terrorizingly slow motion. He slides two fingers inside of me, playing around in my wetness. His groans and mumbles tell me that he’s enjoying the feel

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