Diary Of A Pissed Off Wife

Diary Of A Pissed Off Wife by Jordan Silver

Book: Diary Of A Pissed Off Wife by Jordan Silver Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jordan Silver
"Travis , your side twat called me today."
    "My what?"
    "You know, the slag you've been screwing for the past three months." Total Bambi caught in the headlights. Click. I took a snapshot with my cellphone. Gotta save this shit for prosperity. Oh yeah motherfucker, that's the sound of your balls in a vice. I guess I went with hellcat.
    “Babe I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He dropped his gym bag and reached for me again. I stood from the chair and took a step back. “Jane cut it out this isn’t funny. Is this another one of those things you and your girls cooked up?” He gave me that look that I know so well, that boyish grin, with the sparkling eyes, and windblown hair. I felt my heart tear a little. Had he shared himself with someone else? Given what’s mine to a complete stranger?
    “Don’t lie to me Travis, it will only piss me off more.” I felt steam coming out of my ears. I wasn’t sure of much, but I was sure of one thing. Unless this bitch was nuts, there had to be something going on. Something , that gave her the gonads to call my home where my children live, with this shit.
    “I’m not lying and you’re starting to piss me off. Now what the hell has gotten into you? I left here this morning and my wife was sane, now I come back home to...this.” He waved his hand in my direction. “Oh wait, is it your period? That’s it right, PMS.”
    “This mother…”
    “JANE…” Clunk. That was the sound of the coffee mug connecting with his head. I walked out of the room and headed for the stairs, with him hot on my heels. I was more mad now that he was here than before.
    “I can’t believe I wasted my youth on you. Do you know how many men I could’ve fucked in the last twenty years?” Oh yeah, I knew that one would get him.
    His face turned red and he bounded up the stairs after me. Shit, I forgot he could be pissy too. But this was my fight, I’m the one who was wronged here and he had no right getting upset after what he’d done.
    That didn’t stop him from wrapping his hand around my throat and backing me into the wall. “What the fuck are you talking about?” I just stared up at him; all that heat and anger. “See, doesn’t feel so good when the tables are turned does it?”
    “I…do…not…know…what…you…are TALKING ABOUT. I don’t have any…whatever the hell you called it. Now what the fuck was that crack about?” Angry much?
    “It’s about you cheating, and what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. I’m going to fuck my way through the neighborhood.” I’m so lying but he doesn’t need to know that. Let him ponder that shit over his bowl of Wheaties.
    I slipped away and ran for the bedroom, slamming the door behind me. I wasn’t fast enough to lock it though, but he still kicked it in.

Chapter 3
    I tried running over the bed to get away , but he was on me too quick. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on around here, but I do not appreciate that shit you just said to me.” He was busy tearing at my sweats as he spoke, and I was doing my best not to give in.
    I was having an out of body experience. I just found out that he may or may not be cheating on me, but my body still wants his touch. How was that possible? I am so out of my depth, I don’t know which way is up.
    “Travis quit it, I don’t want you right now.”
    “Too bad, I want you, I always want you.” Oh man, he went for my neck, which is my slu t spot. Other people have sweet-spots, that’s too tame for what his teeth on my neck does to me.
    I tried not to raise my hips, really I did. But when I felt the hot wet tip of his dick on my leg , I couldn’t help it. Just one more for the road then I guess. He lifted me to my knees and surged in while pulling my hair back and biting my neck. Damn, the trifecta, he was pulling out all the stops.

I didn’t give her a second thought when I felt all that warm steel slide into me. I pushed my ass back against him, arc hed

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