Destined for Love

Destined for Love by Diane Thorne

Book: Destined for Love by Diane Thorne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Diane Thorne
Mark. “Back, and I want her to myself.”
    Mark’s eyebrows rose. “Getting greedy?”
    “Speak for yourself.” James chuckled.
    Val rubbed her palm over her forehead, wiping away the little bit of moisture that had formed. A cool shower would help bring her temperature down, but she didn’t foresee one in her near future. James wanted to sate his desire and she wasn’t going to stop him. She loved being with them, loved every bit of them. And it seemed they, too, enjoyed her company, and took great delight in how they cared for her. Maybe fate had brought them together, and intended for them to help each other. Without any reservation, she’d do anything to make them happy.
    James pressed his palm to the side of her face. “Are you ready for more?” He glided two fingers over her lips, tickling her.
    She stared into his lust-filled eyes. “I’m always ready for you and Mark.”

Chapter Ten
    Valerie stirred from her sleep. She was lying on her side, naked and with a soft pillow under her head. The light caress of a sheet slipped down her hip. Heat penetrated her skin from the body stretched along her backside and pressed to hers. A warm hand cupped one of her breasts while fingers squeezed her erect and sensitive nipple. Between her legs, a large cock withdrew from her. She whimpered softly as she waited for it to return deep inside her, which it did and brought with it a growing carnal hunger. Be it Mark or James delivering such pleasure, she didn’t care which one. She simply wanted more. The two were angels, and she loved them equally.
    She murmured as erotic tingles fluttered within her, and she opened her eyes. The empty bed in front of her came as a surprise, but obviously she wasn’t alone.
    “I can’t get enough of you,” James said softly, then planted a kiss on her shoulder.
    Funny thing, she felt the same way. They’d been inseparable since Mark and James had appeared at the club to save her from Mr Wrong. The three of them had spent over an hour in the basement of the club, sating each other’s needs. After a quick clean-up in the bathroom, they’d returned to the main floor. Then they’d danced for a while. When their feet had grown tired, they’d relaxed in the back room. Terri and Sam had found her around two in the morning. Val had introduced James and Mark and had asked Sam if he wouldn’t mind giving them a ride back to her place. Sam had agreed, and the ride home had been an interesting one to say the least. The two genies had filled the back seat of the car, forcing Val to sit on Mark’s lap. He hadn’t been able to keep his hands off her, and neither had James, which had made her squirm and giggle nearly the entire way. Terri and Sam had kept quiet, but, from the occasional glances over their shoulders, it was clear that Val and her two men were causing a bit of a distraction. Val was certain her friend would call her later for details. Upon their arrival at her apartment, they’d rushed to her humble abode. Once inside, clothes had come off fast and they’d explored each other’s bodies anew. Hours had passed and the sun had risen long ago. How much time had gone by was unclear, but she had enjoyed every second with them and found herself wanting to feel such love, such longing and heartfelt pleasure for the rest of her life.
    She placed her hand over his, and held him to her breast. He pumped into her faster, and brought her closer to the release she craved. “Yes, James. Harder.”
    He buried his face in her hair. Warm breath tickled her ear. “Tell me you want me. Tell me.” He slid his hand down her body and slipped his finger into her wet folds. His stimulating touch brought forth another moan.
    “I want you, James. I need you.”
    He thrust his thick cock into her vigorously, while he tweaked her clit. Her mind and body knew of one thing, and that was for him to satisfy her. She found herself addicted to him, his touch and his passion. He filled her with

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