Destined for Love

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Authors: Diane Thorne
because he hungered for all the food himself.
    “It looks good,” she said, eyeing the meat suspiciously. There was no way she could eat all of it. She doubted she could eat half and a salad.
    “But?” James prompted.
    “It’s a bit much.”
    James chuckled and poked his elbow at Mark. “Told you.”
    Mark grabbed a knife from the counter and pushed it into the cold cut, slicing it in two. “Yeah, yeah.”
    “Well, let’s not waste it. If you’re hungry, dig in. Don’t let me stop you.”
    James reached for one of the plates. Mark abruptly smacked his hand, forcing James’ hand to retreat. The brown-haired genie glared at his partner in crime.
    “Could you at least put some shorts on?” Mark said.
    Amusement flashed on Val’s face and she shook her head.
    “Fine.” James took a step back. “I don’t see what the big deal is.”
    “Well, we clearly do,” Mark said.
    James turned, but he hadn’t made it out of the kitchen when the phone began ringing. He stopped and spun to face them.
    Val reached over the food and lifted the receiver. “Hello?”
    “Hey, Val. It’s Terri. How are you?” She sounded cheerful.
    “I’m good. Getting ready to grab a bite to eat.” Val smiled at Mark.
    “It’s almost three-thirty in the afternoon. Are you just now eating lunch?”
    Val twisted to look at the microwave above the stove. The time showed three twenty-four. She stared in shock at the digital display. Had they spent that much time in bed?
    “I’m here. I was checking the time.” She twisted to face Mark and noticed James was out of sight.
    Terri laughed. “Did those two hunks keep you busy?”
    “Yeah, a bit.”
    “Are they still there?” The excitement in her tone matched that of a child at a candy store.
    Terri gasped. “They are, aren’t they?”
    “Let’s just say that we are getting to know each other well.”
    Laughter burst from her. “Woo-hoo! Good for you. Those men are hot.”
    Val couldn’t stop herself from chuckling. “Yes, they are.”
    Mark took two dishes and headed towards the dining room.
    “I’m so happy for you.”
    “Thank you. And thanks for taking me last night. I had a really good time.” Val strolled from the kitchen and into the dining area. Mark passed her after he’d left the two sandwiches on the table.
    “Oh, I’m sorry we didn’t spend much time together. But it seems like you might have found someone or more.” She giggled softly.
    Val pulled out the chair to sit down. “Yeah, they’re really nice guys. Very compassionate and caring.”
    “Oh my. Sounds like you’re really getting to know them.”
    Val sat and slid the plate closer, scraping the table softly. “We are getting to know each other very well.” And it wasn’t a lie. Although she hadn’t known Mark and James more than a few days, she felt very comfortable with them and she was confident they shared similar feelings. She’d been honest with them, and vice versa. Did they truly know each other? No, but they had shared enough that she believed they could have a lasting relationship, one filled with love, compassion and hot sex.
    “Really?” Terri sounded surprised.
    “They’re great guys, through and through.” Val picked a piece of meat from her sandwich then ate it.
    “Are we talking about sex, or their personalities?”
    Val grinned, though her friend couldn’t see it. “Both, actually.”
    “That’s so fucking awesome, Val. I’m envious.”
    “Thanks, but I still don’t have a job or a home in thirty days.”
    Mark headed towards them with the other sandwich and two bowls of salad in his hands. He appeared in deep thought with his gaze lowered. As if he sensed Val watching him, he looked up and smiled. He set the food on the table then returned to the kitchen.
    “Which brings me to the other reason for my call.”
    “I was thinking at breakfast time and came up with a plan that may help get your job back.”
    James strolled into

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