Destined for Love

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Authors: Diane Thorne
much more than his large erection. He gave her confidence, laughter and happiness. And not to forget he supplied her with raging orgasms. He and Mark had given her so much, and they had asked for nothing in return. She owed them, and while she knew they enjoyed the sex, she still wanted to provide them with something in exchange. But what?
    “You are so hot and wet, I’m going to burst at any second.”
    She dug her nails into the bed as he drove deep inside her, his flesh smacking with her flesh. The friction, along with his toying with her nub, continued to bring her closer to a sweet release. He licked her shoulder and bit her. The soft bite surprised her and ignited her release.
    “Oh, yes, baby. Yes,” he said as she milked his hard member.
    He pushed his erection deep into her again. Tension in his face and his ongoing hard and fast grinds revealed his release was approaching. His orgasm finally came and he groaned loudly while he throbbed vibrantly against her inner walls. Body to body, they lay peacefully and enjoyed the erotic waves.
    Val sighed as the blissful spasms faded. She twisted her head to face James. “I wouldn’t mind waking up to that every morning.”
    “Mm… If I were your boyfriend, I’d make sure to wake you with such passion every day. You could count on it.”
    The sternness in his voice convinced her he would stick to his word. What a wonderful man. Men.
    She turned and scanned the room for her other lover. “Where’s Mark?”
    “He took a shower a little while ago. Since he didn’t come back to bed, I assume he went to fix something to eat.”
    Val listened for the taps and didn’t hear any splashing of water. She took in a deep breath, hoping to catch a whiff of food. The only scent she could pick up was their own.
    “Are you hungry? We’ve been in bed for hours.” He slowly slid his erection from her. “I can find out what he’s preparing.”
    She rolled onto her back as James left the bed. He headed for the door without stopping for his boxers. Val marvelled at his fine body, so strong and muscular. She loved feeling his firm and warm body pressed against her, and his thick cock within her pussy. She had identical feelings about Mark, too.
    He pointed at her on his way to the door. “Stay there.” His bare butt cheeks jiggled slightly as he walked out of the room.
    Val dug her elbows into the bed as she rose slightly. She looked at the dark computer screen sitting on her desk. Guilt crept into her mind. She should be looking for jobs and a place to live instead of staying in bed and fucking all day and night. Her night out had been memorable, but the time had now come to face reality. Sighing, she slipped out of bed. Eat first then work. Time for frisky playing can come later as a reward.
    She stepped into the bathroom and grabbed the robe from behind the door. The cold tiles under her feet gave her a slight chill. Tying the cord to hold the robe together, she hurried from the room and into the hall.
    After turning the corner into the kitchen, she found Mark and James standing side by side facing the counter and talking softly. Mark had on his navy blue boxers while James was still naked. A grin spread across her face upon seeing James’ cute butt. The temptation to pinch one cheek prodded her. Fighting the urge, she walked up behind them with her arms outstretched.
    “What are my two favourite men up to?” She came to a stop between them, with her hands on their hips.
    “Fixing you a sandwich,” Mark said grinning.
    “Oh? What kind?” She glanced at the counter. Three mammoth-sized cold cuts lay on three dishes. Her jaw dropped at the mountain of meat stacked between the pieces of bread. She assumed he’d fixed one sandwich per person.
    “I prepared a salad, too. I thought you might be hungry. You haven’t eaten a decent meal since yesterday afternoon.”
    She was hungry, but not starving like a lion. Maybe the reason he’d put together such a hearty meal was

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