Department Store

Department Store by Bridy McAvoy

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Authors: Bridy McAvoy
    “I’m sorry, Alan.”
    “No. You’re not. You’ve got what you wanted, a powerful dominant man to cater to your every need.”
    “No, Alan, that’s not true.”
    “Then what is the truth?”
    “I love you and only you!”
    “But you put out for that man! You come home covered in his filth, expose yourself to my friend and the neighbours, and give me a DVD he made explaining the situation. What am I supposed to think? Do you know what the smug bastard said on the disk?”
    “I think so.”
    “He said I should come up here and take my pick, either screw you as you are or get you to wash first and then screw you. If I did that you would give me another disk showing what he did to you.”
    I nodded numbly, this seemed to be going wrong in the worst possible way. I could palpably feel my marriage was over. Alan’s next words stunned me.
    “Do you know what I felt then? I realised I’d got a real hard on at the thought.”
    I lifted my head up to look at him, amazed at his words. Hope somehow flared through me.
      “Alan. . .?”
    “That’s right. When the disk finished I realised I had a raging hard on. Still do, the sight of you dressed like that is incredible. I don’t know whether to cuddle you and say ‘there, there’ or jump on you and ravish you. The problem is you’d enjoy the last and I’m not sure I should let you.”
    “I always enjoy you making love to me, honey. Every single time. We make love, you make love to me, he fucked me. There is a difference, honey.”
    “Emotion. Sure he fucked me, hard, and I came, many times. It was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me sexually...but do you know what thought was uppermost in my mind all the time?
    “No, what?”
    “I hoped what I was doing wasn’t going to destroy my marriage or your love for me!”
    “But you still did it? Did what he asked, no, told you to do, and enjoyed it?”
    I nodded, part of me still found it difficult to believe.
    “And he told you what to wear when he brought you home?”
    “Yes. . . Alan . . .”
    “I’m sorry, honey.”
    I didn’t feign the waterworks, they were for real. I think it left Alan nonplussed, the incongruous sight of me sitting there, in my slut outfit, covered in another man’s cum, crying my eyes out having professed my love for him. Hell, I think I’d have been confused! Hell, I was confused! That’s why I was crying.
    I heard him but just couldn’t respond.
    “Amy! Look at me, Amy!”
    I raised my tear stained face and looked at him through misty eyes.
    “Answer me one question? Do you still want me, Amy? After that?”
    I nodded, my heart in my mouth.
    “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. I don’t think I can look at you like that for much longer without ravishing you myself.”
    I smiled through the tears and raised an eyebrow, giving him a mocking ‘come hither’. For a wonder he smiled back.
    “Lose those clothes, honey. I’m going to burn them. Please.”
    He’d almost delivered that as an order and then added the please to take the sting out. I knew I loved him in that instant, but deep down the slut in me wanted him to make it an order and stop being so nice.
    “Sorry, honey, I need to launder and return them tomorrow.”
    I didn’t actually tell him I would be wearing the garter belt and stockings instead of tights to work.
    “Oh. Okay.”
    Standing, I reached for the only remaining button on the halter top and allowed it to fall away to the sides. I dropped it to the floor, realising he was still standing there in the doorway, watching me.
    I stooped, bending low from the waist, side on to him to unbuckle my shoes, my legs relaxing apart. This of course caused the skirt to lift at the back to display my entire bum in profile. The other shoe followed and I stepped out of them. Next I unhitched each garter in turn, turning to either side to display first one thigh and then the other to him. The snap at the

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