Criminal: A Bad-Boy Stepbrother Romance

Criminal: A Bad-Boy Stepbrother Romance by Alexis Abbott, Alex Abbott

Book: Criminal: A Bad-Boy Stepbrother Romance by Alexis Abbott, Alex Abbott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexis Abbott, Alex Abbott
grasps and gropes at my body. He’s ravenous
for me, and I can see it in his emerald eyes.
    “You’re the only woman I’ve wanted
to fuck… the only woman I’ve fantasized about fucking,
for so… so damn long, Princess,” he says, his voice deep
and gravelly with desire as he nudges in against me. "Every
fucking one of those women I brought home, I was only thinking of
you." That thick crown of his manhood spreading my pussy lips
just a little, making me flower around him as he gives a low groan
that resonates out of his chest.
    It’s slow, but it’s sure: he’s
taking me.
    My first time has already begun, and I can feel his
dick sliding into me, stretching me out and deflowering me as that
big, muscular man shuddered from his own joy at the act.
    “Fuck Abby,” he groans.
    He's so big, but I'm so wet, and that helps a little.
Though he's still spreading me open so much wider than I've ever
been, and I cry out, a little bit of pain mixing with the amazing
sensation of his spreading me open.
    In all my fantasies, I never knew it could feel like
this, and my hands grip the cheap sheets as he impales me.
    He feels so hot, so thick, and I can feel the beating
of his heart through his huge tool. Every pulse resonates through me,
and for the first time, we're really, truly linked.
    My arms go around his neck, holding him close to me,
drawing him in as he kisses my forehead, soothes my pain.
    "That's it, Princess," he growls, his voice
both sweet and hard, complementary and lust-ridden as he steals my
    His one hand grasps the bed, bunching it up in his
fingers as he squares off his shoulders. He’s straining
himself, doing his best to ease me into it after my confession.
    But his need to satiate that thick cock inside my
pussy is too much even for him, and he doesn’t stop, doesn’t
stall. He sinks on down until he’s reached my utmost depths,
and I can feel the incessant throb of his manhood.
    Again and again it’s stretching my pussy walls,
bulging and pulsating, turning my narrow little virginal pussy into a
sleeve for his cock.
    His eyes are shut tight, but I can hear his gravelly
moan as he shudders. All those powerful muscles, able to withstand a
savage beating and still come to my rescue, brought to bear by the
pleasures of my body.
    It made me feel drunk on sex.
    “Fuck, Abby…” he growls out,
tugging back on his hips, so that my clinging pussy pulled against
him. “You’re perfect,” he breathes out, slowly
starting to fuck me upon that cheap motel bed.
    It's not how I would've anticipated losing my
virginity. In some tawdry room to my high school crush... To my
    But I can't think of how it could be any more
    We are finally, blissfully one.
    We've been fighting it for so long, and now my legs
are wrapped around his waist as he fucks me. He's bruised and broken,
but still, he wants me.
    Needs me.
    My mouth goes to his and I kiss him, deep and
hungrily, needing to feel and taste and smell him so badly. I've
never been so turned on, and so happy.
    My tongue caresses his, running along his stud, my
fingers digging into his back. I know his body must still ache, but
he doesn't let it show. His craving for me won’t let him.
    So as his powerful body picks up its pace, hammering
down into me with blow after blow of his thrusting shaft, he appears
godlike and unbeatable. None of the cuts or bruises of the night faze
    Though all that is inconsequential, because I’m
just lost to the bliss of his cock plowing into me. Again and again
it fills me up and spreads me open, making me feel so incredibly
full. So desired. So wanted. Needed.
    Those husky moans, so masculine, yet conveying the
weakness of his desire for me.
    He squeezes my breast, forces his eyes open to look
down upon me, soak in the sight of my body rocked by his pumping
thrusts. To gaze at the lewd sight of my pink little pussy spread
wide and filled with his shaft, again and again.
    My body is still tingling

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