Trying to Score

Trying to Score by Toni Aleo

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Authors: Toni Aleo
wearing an orange suit!”
    “A nice suit at that,” Lucas added.
    “Thanks!” Rob said before looking back at Fallon, “but really, I’m the worst person to pick for a fake boyfriend, since I like guys.”
    With that Rob walked off, leaving Fallon extremely embarrassed and actually considering firing him. She would if he wasn’t so good at the marketing reports that made her head spin. Fallon couldn’t help but to watch her ‘boyfriend’ clad in an orange suit walk away. She wished like hell that Rob wasn’t gay so he could act like her boyfriend because this reunion between Fallon and Lucas was not going the way she wanted it too.
    Posing a gay guy as her boyfriend? Not one of her best ideas.
    Fallon wanted to look successful, sexy — a stronger woman then he left behind. She basically wanted to make Lucas jealous, not give him the entertainment of the night! That’s what she paid the band for! She hated that she had made a mess of things. Lying was never her strong suit; and she knew Lucas wasn’t gonna let her live this down.
    “So how about that dance, since I think your boyfriend is gay,” Lucas determined.
    Heat filled Fallon’s face as she wished Lucas to the fiery depths of hell. “Oh fuck off, Lucas Brooks.”
    As Fallon turned and walked away, Lucas couldn’t help but laugh. He stopped when he heard the sound of her high heels clicking on the floor. He looked over, his eyes falling on her fine ass swaying from side to side. Lucas couldn’t form a word or even breathe as he watched her ass move in that tight little black dress. His dick was rock hard and it begged to be inside her. Lucas knew she probably thought he was a dog because of how he was hitting on her, but it was hard not to. He had to have her. Plus, Lucas knew she used to like it when he openly hit on her.
    But maybe that was something else that had changed about her?
    Fallon was so different now, but so much was the same it blew his mind. She was polished but still knew how to cuss like a sailor and that alone turned him on. She was successful now, and he loved that because he knew how much she wanted that when they were together. She wanted her independence from her father, and Lucas could tell she had succeeded.
    She was still single, which surprised him and also made him feel on top of the world. How was she still single after all these years? He expected that she would be married by now with a child or two. She always said that she wanted kids before she was thirty, but she didn’t have any. Lucas too wanted children, and at one point they both decided that they would want them as soon as they were married. But what if she did have a child? Surely, she would have told him if she had one. He couldn’t try to score with a mommy; that was wrong.
    But then again, mommies needed love too.
    So he would ixnay that last thought — even if Fallon had a kid he would still pursue her. He could deal with baby daddy issues and a little one, hell he loved kids, so no big deal. The big deal was getting Fallon back, and he was dead set on doing that.
    No matter what.
    “Lucas, I thought you weren’t gonna show.”
    Lucas turned quickly and saw his boss and captain standing beside him. “Mrs. Adler, Adler,” he said shaking hands with both of them. “I was running late tonight.”
    “Oh, well I’m glad you came, did you happen to meet up with Fallon?”
    “Only for a second, she’s very busy,” Lucas said with a grin as Shea Adler glared at him.
    Shea and Lucas were still not seeing eye to eye. Shea thought Lucas should jump when he said jump, and Lucas couldn’t disagree more. He wouldn’t say they hated each other, but they did dislike each other.
    A lot.
    “Really? She is never too busy for me. Where is she — oh there she is, Fallon!”
    Lucas turned to see his past lover stop in her tracks as she glanced their way. He could tell that she was wishing she was any place but there as she made her way towards them with the

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