CaughtInTheTrap by Unknown

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Authors: Unknown
sat up and gripped her jaw in one big hand, firm, almost painful with his slipping control. “You have to stop before I have an accident.”
     “Lay back.  I got this,” she demanded, tilting her head until she could take his thumb into her mouth and suck, rolling her tongue around his rough skin.
    “Play time is over,” he murmured in a husky voice. He pushed her back on the bed, unable to think of anything other than plunging inside her wet folds. He rolled the protection down over his shaft and lay between her thighs. She sighed as his naked flesh made contact with hers.
     “You feel so good,” she whispered as she wrapped her silky legs around his waist.
    He pushed his hips forward, planning to slide inside her in one quick thrust. He was met with resistance and a small whimper came from her. He pulled back and lifted up to see the wrinkles forming on her forehead. “Damn, you’re tight. Carla, you aren’t a virgin, are you?”
    “No.  It’s just been awhile since I’ve done this.”
    “How long has it been?” he asked moving his hips slower hoping to get her muscles to relax.
    The muscles in her neck strained as he pushed into her. “Four years. I’ve only been with one man.”
    He dropped his head to her chest. She hasn’t had sex in four years.  She might as well be a virgin .  The tight suction of her body was almost too much for him but he had to be careful not to hurt her. He pulled out and then inched in again, repeating to cause her natural lubrication to allow him an easy entry.
    She released a deep breath as he pushed an inch more into her; the warmth from it caressed his jaw as she arched up against him. He had to hold his position or lose his load before he was ready.  Her tightness clamped his manhood like a vice and the sensation was unbelievably good.
    He turned his attention to her breasts that were pressed against his chest. He sucked in his breath at the sight of her perfect nipples. He licked them, moaning, “So natural and responsive to my touch.”
    He teased the tip of one nipple with his finger before he took it into his mouth and sucked it deep. She cried out as he rolled it between his lips, drawing the morsel between his teeth lightly. His tongued played with her nipple as he began to move deeper inside of her.  The extra arousal caused her canal to relax and allow his thrusts to increase.
    Zach pushed in more until he felt her stretching and the addictive heat of her silky skin surround him; he could feel it through the condom. He lost himself in her essence, stroking her hard.  His powerful erection thrusting and pounding her until they ended up diagonal on the bed with her head hanging over the edge. He knew he was a rough lover but she wasn’t whining or complaining, but taking each brutal thrust he gave her.
    His large hand covered her throat, feeling her swallowing the screams of pleasure or pain as he pounded in and out of her.  Carla Parker was a temptation he couldn’t resist and she brought out the beast in him even more.  He looked into her eyes and for a moment felt a primitive emotion come over him, and his abdominals corded as he stroked against her, harder and faster.
    Her arms dangled over her head and she began letting out tiny cries of passion that inflamed him.  He felt her body began to tighten.
     “You’re going to make me come again,” she panted, her words almost incoherent as he rode her with long, hard thrusts that had the old bed creaking on the wooden floors.
    He felt moisture flood her core, and the surge of her body as she clenched around him.  Her breath hitched and then she began moaning as the feeling hit her.  “Come for me.” He turned his face and muttered the words against her open mouth. He had to see her face when she came. He needed to see he had dominated the woman with the big mouth. “Come for me again. Let me see how much you want it,” he repeated as he thrust his tongue inside her mouth.
    Her back bowed and her

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