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inner muscles clamped down around him. Her eyes struggled to stay open and he saw the moment she lost control of herself. “Ah, Zach!” She wailed before her hands tightened on his shoulder and her fingernails dug deeper into his skin.
    He grunted from the pain of her nails cutting through his skin but continued to thrust back and forth through her clenching muscles delivering crushing blows to her narrow pelvis with his powerful hips. Her inner walls trembled around him, he couldn’t hold back any longer and let go spilling months of pent up aggression and collapsing heavily on top of her.
    He rolled over on his back panting. It was the first time in his life he saw rockets bursting during an orgasm. His body covered in a drenching sweat, his heart beating twice the normal rate.  He never expected it to be better than anything he’d ever felt before.  And he never expected not wanting it to end so soon.
    Zach was too exhausted to move.  He heard Carla’s erratic breathing next to him.  He rubbed her thigh. “Didn’t I say you’d scream my name?”
    Her voice was light as she rolled over and tucked in next to him. “Shut up.”
    He dragged himself from the bed.  In the bathroom he discarded the condom. “Dammit! He cursed. Sitting on the edge of the tub he palmed his forehead. Dammit, dammit, dammit!  

chapter nine
    Day Three
    Carla dropped her head back down on the pillow as heat rushed from her head to her toes. The bedroom was hot again only this heat came from something else. What had she been thinking? Had she convinced herself that they could have sex and pretend like it didn’t happened? He could.
    She would bet her last quarter he was probably sitting in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee already.  She could picture the smirk on his face.  He’d conquered an unchartered quest. He had a black woman to add to the list of women he’d bedded.  She kicked the sheet off her body and sat up.  Pain flared across and up her back. She looked down at her thighs and saw the bruises in the shape of his fingers. He was a very physical lover.  Any woman who made love to him on a regular basis would have her body covered with bruises.
    Carla stretched to loosen the kinks from her lower back and rolled her shoulders and neck to remove the stiffness there. She was the one who’d come up with the stupid idea to have sex; she already wished she’d kept her big mouth shut. How was she supposed to pretend she didn’t know what he possessed under the tight t-shirt and jeans he wore. And had every right to brag about his skills at making a woman scream his name.  She shivered and crossed her arms.  Nope.  She couldn’t face him.  She would sit in her bedroom until forced to leave the cabin. Her shoulders hunched as she looked around, she was in his bed. They apparently had slept together the entire night.
    She got out of the bed and tiptoed to her room. It had been three days already.  He promised she would be able to leave in three days.  Her best friend Tonya was probably losing her mind wondering where she was.  She needed to get back to her life and her friends and to get as far away from Agent Zach Murphy as possible. 
    Four years she waited for the right guy to come along, and she gives it up to him just like that. A man she can’t stand to be in the same room with. Stupid!  
    She studied her reflection in the mirror. For her to be in so much pain, she looked great and felt refreshed. Pushing her wild hair away from her face, she saw the red mark he left on her neck. She sighed. You’re a grown woman, Carla—get a grip and suck it up . Digging in the bag, she removed the tan shorts and hunter green tank top he’d purchased for her. Fully clothed, including socks and tennis shoes, she left the bedroom.  As she predicted, Zach was seated at the kitchen table with a coffee mug in front of him and the newspaper spread open.  He didn’t look up as she entered the kitchen.  Some things will never

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