Captain's Choice: A Romance

Captain's Choice: A Romance by Sierra Darcey

Book: Captain's Choice: A Romance by Sierra Darcey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sierra Darcey
         “Do I have to do everything myself?” Captain Jillian Ames said when she entered the cockpit and found it empty. “Damn that stupid fly boy to hell,” she muttered under her breath.
         Swiveling into the pilot’s seat, she turned off the autopilot and punched in the new coordinates, then resumed the automatic drive. As Captain, she knew this ship from top to bottom and could conceivably do every job on the ship, still that didn’t mean she should have to. Jillian couldn’t wait until this mission was over and to get far away from Damian McCaffrey, that infuriating pilot, who made it his priority to humiliate her with his sexual innuendos and undermine her authority at every opportunity.
         Jillian smiled, musing about writing him up, getting grounded for a while might just cool the pilot’s heels just a little.
         “Miss me sweetheart?” Damian whispered in her ear.
         Jillian whipped her head around and gave him scathing look. Speak of the devil. He had coffee in one hand and looked tired, a weariness around the eyes like he hadn’t slept. If it were anyone else but Damian, maybe she’s have some sympathy. But here he was in a button down shirt and jeans, an old leather jacket, never in a proper uniform, a few days growth of stubble on his face. She supposed some woman liked that rugged look, and a quick flush of heat crept into Jillian’s face, her immediate embarrassment fueling her resentment even further. “You’re not supposed to leave the cockpit unmanned.”
         “You know this thing could fly itself. But funny your choice of words ‘unmanned’ so when you came in here, you were looking for a man? Yeah, well, guess they don’t call it a cockpit for nothing.”
         Damned egotistical male. Jillian shook her head and attempted to walk past him but he grabbed her arm and pulled her in close.  “Let me by,” she ordered, hoping anger would cover up the unwanted spark of desire that fanned anytime she got close to him.  She didn’t want to feel anything for him, but couldn’t control her reactions. Fraternizing among crew members was inevitable on long missions such as this one, but she was the Captain, and her reputation was important to her.
         Damian still held her arm tightly. “I just want to know something.”
         “What you want to know, McCaffrey - ” Jillian pulled free of him and rubbed her arm as if to remove his touch. “ - the color of my panties?”
         “Interesting thought, Captain, but I just wanted to know the new coordinates - where are we headed?”
         “The fifth moon of Saturn.”
         “Are you crazy?” Damian’s eyes flashed alarm, he knew, as did everyone who flew in this sector, what dangerous territory they’d be entering.
         “We are the closest ship and we have our orders.”
         “And you’re going to follow them?”
         “I always follow orders.”
         “All this for one Antarean?”
         “For one sentient being.”
         Damian just shook his head. Then he smirked, “You know why I won’t ask what color panties you’re wearing?”
         “You’re just not interested, I get it.”
         Damien lowered his voice and leaned in dangerously close, “I’m plenty interested sweetheart, it’s just I can tell you ain’t wearin’ any panties.”
         Her face heated crimson and she thought, How the hell did he know that? Hurling herself from the room she heard his laughter at her back. 
         Watching Jillian stomp away was a pretty sight, her blond ponytail whipping back and forth and her ass wasn’t bad to look at either. But to Damian’s way of thinking the woman was a nightmare to work with. She was always so damned official and following the rules. It got on his nerves. If he could have said ‘Yes Sir and No ma’am’ more often, he’d no doubt be a

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