Captain's Choice: A Romance

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Authors: Sierra Darcey
Then she unhinged the lever that lowered the wide exit ramp slowly to the ground allowing herself, the doctor and his assistant to all exit at the same time. They were met by two junior members of the Corps. Jillian eyed them as they glanced about themselves furtively in apparent desire not to be seen.
         “Problem gentleman?”
         “None sir, I mean ma’am.” They held open the doors as Jillian, the doctor and Kevin brought in the stretcher. The guards continued to look about them.
         Honestly, Jillian thought, after all these years in space, yet earthlings had so little contact with other alien species that there still remained superstition and fear surrounding them. Especially Antareans. They were led to a small room and Jillian caught her first sight of the Antarean, obviously male, humanoid in appearance but with distinctly different facial features and massively large hands. The alien wore a one piece suit similar to what she was wearing. He was large and muscular, but apart from being unconscious, did not appear in any distress. Yet who knew with an alien race?  After a brief conversation with the medic, Dr. Malloy had a grave look on his face.
         The attempt to move the Antarean onto their stretcher proved problematic even with the two guards, the medic, Doctor Malloy and Kevin they were barely able to budge the massive form. After ascertaining that none of the others guards could leave their posts, Captain Ames swore quietly under her breath as she was forced to radio Damian, the only other male on her ship with any muscle strength.
         “Damn, he’s a heavy sucker, ain’t he?” Pilot McCaffrey laughed as they finally got the alien onto the stretcher. Jillian herself had to help lift and standing next to Damien, as always being so close to him touched a nerve in her, she both liked and loathed his presence.
         One of the arms of the Antarean slipped off the stretcher. Jillian took its hand and gently placed it on his chest. Both guards took in a sharp breath and were looking at her as if she were crazy for touching him.
         Jillian refused to let their outmoded fears affect her. “Has he said anything?” She asked.
         “No, Captain, nothing and no signs of consciousness.”
         Jillian nodded. “We’ll take it from here gentlemen,” she said, noting the obvious relief on their faces. Dr. Malloy and Kevin took the alien to sickbay while Jillian headed for the bridge.
         Damian followed her. “You’re really going to Antares?”
         Jillian nodded assent.
         “It’ll take at least two weeks . Will our cargo still be in any shape for delivery?”
         “Will he still be alive? Is that what you’re so crudely trying to say?” She shrugged, “I don’t know, but we have to try.”  Jillian paused, looking Damian up and down.
         “Can’t you ever wear a uniform?”
         “If you want me to take my clothes off, honey, I can oblige.” Damian started unbuttoning his shirt.
         “I outrank you, that bothers you doesn’t it? That’s why you’re so hostile.”
         “No, I personally enjoy having a woman on top.”
         Her hands clenched into fists. Damian caught the punch inches before it would have made impact with his face. The contact of his hand on her wrist burned into her skin, turning rage into desire. Her eyes locked onto his and Jillian knew she had to get away from him before she did anything she’d regret. She wrenched her hand away and for the second time today walked angrily away from this man.

         For a week Damian had little interaction with the Captain. Avoiding her, he felt , was best for both of them. Still he wondered what went on in that brain of hers. Like right now he needed to know what she planned to do with their alien passenger. Since only the two of them were on the bridge at the moment, he ventured,

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