Blasphemous by Pamela Ann

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Authors: Pamela Ann
    “ Jesus! Emma! ” I croaked out, never more turned on in my life as I watched her gobble my cock, gagging as she went deeper to take all of me. “Fuck… baby.” I twitched as my lids shutdown and all I could feel was her tongue and her mouth on me, sucking the life out of me.
    When I felt my orgasm continuously build up, I grabbed Emma’s hair and pulled her off my throbbing shaft. She released it with a loud pop. “Time to ride your prize.”
    When she started to position herself facing towards me, I smacked her ass a couple of times, loving the feel of its bouncing waves in my hand. “Ride me the other way. I want the full view of your cunt working on my cock.”
    The view she gave me was titillating and I was ready to be rocked to the ends of the earth. A groan left my lips when her hand gripped my length, guiding it towards her greedy opening. I was surprised that she didn’t immediately slide it down her pussy, but instead she followed my usual routine, use the head of the shaft to glide it from her wet core, wetting both holes as she did so. Goddamn, my nymph was extremely and overtly wet, too.
    “Fuck!” I hissed as I watched her lower herself down, her tight hole gloved over, eating the mushroomed head, disappearing inside her gloriously hot dwelling. She was inching slowly; making sure it was slick before she went further down. Emma was having a hard time getting it all in and I could hear her trying to relax her muscles as she breathed through her mouth, concentrating to take all of me. She stopped with only a quarter to go. Ever so cautious, her hands gripped my thighs as she slowly glided lower towards my knees, granting me a fucking piece of nirvana as her tight cunt slowly rolled and rocked my over-indulgent cock.
    I’ve done this position many times over, but doing it with Emma felt like doing it the first time. I was in awe and simply impressed by her eagerness to please me. Hell, she also did a fine job working it.
    “Emma, how you kill me!” I grunted out as my hands parted her supple ass cheeks wide, watching as her white essence trickle down slowly at the base of my dick, moaning and coming as she did so. Using the pad of my thumb and finger, I swiped those juices off and rubbed it in her rectum, using quick circles to loosen her up. When I noticed that my ministrations were driving her wild, I pushed my thumb inside her hole. It almost immediately swallowed it, hungry and rapacious to be pleasured.
    Just when her tight opening started to ease up, I pulled out my thumb and used my middle finger, pointing it downwards so I could feel my cock go in and out of her. “How does it feel fucking my cock like this?” I panted out, faint with fervent need to possess her as mine.
    “I feel…” She gave a harried moan, breathless as I started swirling my finger in there. “I feel good, baby. I feel like your whore and I fucking love it.”
    Holy fucking shits of shits! Dirty talk, keep ‘it coming, my love , I thought as I fully gripped her ass cheeks, and then gave her a nice smack that made her wince in pain and pleasure , I thought, smirking when I felt her hot liquid ooze out of her channel.
    “That’s enough, my love,” I tried to command, but ended up moaning since she slid her cunt all the way down, bottoming out, before she gradually did a one-eighty while I stared at her like she was my Christmas morning.
    THAT. WAS—whoa! R.E.S.P.E.C.T. kind of whoa!
    Emma raised her brow at me, demanding. “Are you just going to have your mouth open? We aren’t done yet, just to let you know.”
    Rawr! I knew I was in love with her because she was an amazing person all throughout, but DAMN, I wasn’t going to lie that I felt like I just won a lottery having a ravenous hot woman as my partner. “Where did you learn that?” I rasped out as my hands took hold of her wonderfully supple bottom globes and rolled her onto her back.
    “What do you think I’ve been reading lately? It was

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