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Authors: Pamela Ann
I asked, hugging her from behind as I placed a kiss on her shoulder, both of our eyes stared at the beloved Aegean Sea before us.
    “Yes and no.” Emma sighed, resting her body against my chest, wistful. “Are you?”
    I was. Even though this place held so many beautiful memories, it was time to go. This was a nice reprieve from our old lives, but it was high time we brought our relationship back into our reality. “I love this place, but I know we have to start our lives back home. Are you ready to become a part of my life, Emma? It’s not going to be easy, I can tell you that now.”
    “I know, but I honestly don’t care if your life is chaotic, Bass. All that matters is that we’re working things out— that I am more than ready for. The rest is just background noise that I could care less about.”
    I was becoming such a sappy, sad bastard when it came to Emma, but I couldn’t help falling more with her when she talked this way. “New beginnings, here we come,” I murmured as I spun her around and kissed her forehead. “We have to get moving to Athens. Our pilot is waiting on the tarmac. It would be rude of us if we made him wait for too long.” I lifted her chin, wanting her eyes to connect with mine. “I promise, we’ll be back and explore more of that lemon grove island.”
    “I’d love that. Alright, let’s go, I have Lindsey to see.”  My adorable woman inhaled the air one more time before murmuring, “Goodbye, Greece. Until next time.”
    There was always going to be a next time, moro mou, don’t you ever doubt it , I silently promised as I linked my fate with hers.

Chapter 10
    Los Angeles
    “You only need one man to love you. But him to love you free like a wildfire, crazy like the moon, always like tomorrow, sudden like an inhale and overcoming like the tides. Only one man and all of this.” 
    - C. Joybell C.
    We arrived in a private airport in San Fernando Valley right about ten at night. By the time we got back to Bass’s home in Hollywood Hills, we were drained, jet-lagged and ready to just call it a night.
    Just before sunrise, I felt Bass seeking his way into me. So, we stayed for another few hours laughing and remembered our time in Greece.
    When he finally went downstairs to get breakfast, my mother called. She knew I was seeing Bass, but she didn’t really know what the deal was since I didn’t share much with my parents. You see , they really liked Carter for me. The reason behind our break-up was something I hid from them. I wasn’t sure why, but I think it could be along the lines of embarrassment.
    I was halfway through with my yoghurt when Bass placed something on the counter before he kissed my forehead.
    “Here’s the key to the house and the gate remote. The security code for the alarm is on the back of the remote.”
    Gulp. Whoa, he really was serious with me. Grinning from ear to ear, I kissed him before I pinched both of his cheeks. “You’re trusting me with your house keys?” I wiggled my brows. He should know that women take these things seriously. Hell, I could show up here at four in the morning if I wanted to. Did he really want any of that?
    “It’s my home. I want it to be yours, too. I know school’s about to start, but I want you to know that you can always come by anytime you feel like it.” He took a spoonful of my yoghurt and ate it with gusto. “This way, you can spy on me anytime.”
    “Aye, sir. I will spy away.” I licked the teeny yoghurt sitting atop his upper lip before meeting his eyes. “Thank you, Bass. This means so much to me.”
    “No prob. So, what do you want to do today?” He was almost done with my breakfast and was reaching in the fridge to get another one. Naked from the waist up, muscles flexing as he went about.
    My man was sexy. Damn, I was super freaking lucky to have my eye candy and man candy all in one. He was so delicious; I just wanted to jump on his bones and never let up.

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