Amazing Love

Amazing Love by Mae Nunn

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Authors: Mae Nunn
hard tomorrow they’ll need the night off to recover.”
    She stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheek. “Thanks for asking. Sure, I’ll go to dinner with you…friend.”
    Before her heels touched the ground he pulled her to his chest and brought his lips down to meet hers.

Chapter Eight
    C laire closed her eyes and gave in to the sweet moment. The kiss was unexpected and brief. Barely seconds elapsed and it was over. Luke ended the contact, and for the first time in her twenty-seven years Claire ached to continue.
    This man was bringing so many new experiences into her life, most of them involving her emotions. And now, her heart was joining in the fun. The attraction was profound and profoundly confusing. They’d be headed down separate paths in a couple of weeks; Luke to the life on the road that he seemed to love and she to Sturgis and the excitement of the rally and the public unveiling of the Savage. What was God’s purpose in bringing them together for this short time? Claire knew she was beginning to feel His healing touch through Luke, but would God send a man shecould finally be comfortable with only to take him away?
    As the canopy of dusk began to drape the park and streetlamps flickered to life, Claire searched Luke’s rugged face for answers to her questions. Then she boldly spoke what was on her mind.
    â€œWhere is this headed, Luke?”
    Still holding her in a loose embrace, he pressed his forehead to hers. She felt the warmth of his breath when he exhaled. He remained quiet as he seemed to consider the question, then finally spoke.
    â€œSomeplace I’ve never been before.”
    â€œIs that a good thing?”
    â€œI guess that depends mostly on you, Claire. You don’t seem to do anything without a lot of careful preparation, and I don’t want my time here to throw a wrinkle in your plans.”
    She leaned her head back so she could see his face, but he kept his eyes closed. The opportunity was too perfect to resist. She turned her face to the side and rested her cheek against his chest. The rapid thumping of his heart was the confirmation she needed.
    â€œYou’ve ironed out more wrinkles in a few days than my therapist has in the past two years.”
    He kissed the top of her head and ended the hug but kept hold of her hand. “Someday we’ll have to share our therapy stories, but right now let’s eat.” His lazy grin slid into place but a tender light she hadn’t seen before glowed in his eyes.
    Late the next morning, Luke enjoyed the solitude of his studio as he mulled over the strong emotions ignited by his time with Claire.
    â€œExcuse me, Luke.” Dana had slipped into the Praise Productions trailer so quietly he hadn’t realized she was there. He swiveled his leather chair away from the mixing board to face her. Today she sported a dreadful Gothic getup, all black clothing and white makeup that gave her a seasick glow.
    â€œWhat’s up, lizard?”
    They both smiled at the nickname he’d given her to acknowledge her quick-change, chameleon expression of fashion.
    â€œI thought I should let somebody know that one of the girls is getting a little schizoid about Zach.” Dana was overboard about the guys herself, but more like a protective sister than a crazed fan.
    â€œDefine schizoid.”
    She narrowed her kohl-rimmed eyes and pursed her maroon lips to telegraph gimme-a-break impatience.
    â€œYou know, getting all mental like some stalker. Zach gave Nicole Arnold a drumstick to shut her up and now she’s saying nutso stuff about wanting to cut off one of his fingers so she can take a little piece of him home with her.”
    Luke grimaced at the image.
    â€œNice, huh?” Dana mirrored his reaction and nodded her head. “You want me to run her off?”
    At the thought of tiny little Dana Stabler acting as bouncer for the Harvest Sons, he threw his head back and enjoyed the

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