All That Lives Must Die

All That Lives Must Die by Eric Nylund

Book: All That Lives Must Die by Eric Nylund Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eric Nylund
Scalagari. Please follow me.”
    Dante turned and they fell in behind him: Jeremy and Sarah Covington introducing themselves to the Scalagari boy, Jezebel parting with her entourage, Mitch Stephenson, and Robert, herself, and Eliot . . . followed at last by Amanda Lane.
    “Scalagari is an old family,” Robert whispered to Fiona and Eliot. “They weave magic. Usually the best-dressed guys in the place.”
    “What about the Covington clan?” Eliot asked.
    “They’re conjurers,” Robert said. “Nine times out of ten, troublemakers to boot. I wouldn’t waste time worrying about them, though. You’ve got bigger problems on your team.”
    He had to mean Jezebel.
    Fiona wanted to ask Robert what exactly a conjurer was, but Dante turned, walking backwards, and said, “Paxington was founded in 329 C.E . in Rome by Emperor Constantine. He wanted to study Jewish and Pagan influences on Christianity. Called Curia Deus Pax , or ‘the Court of God’s Peace,’ many believed its true purpose was to secretly eradiate those influences.” 10
    Sarah Covington lagged behind and turned to Robert (completely ignoring Fiona and Eliot). “I’m Sarah,” she said, and smiled so her freckled cheeks dimpled. She held out her hand.
    Robert took her hand, clasping in a way that was more than a handshake . . . and only a little less than an embrace.
    “The pleasure is mine,” he said.
    Fiona felt her blood heat.
    “A most impressive scuffle to get our token.”
    “I do my best,” Robert replied.
    “Then you’ll be an admirable addition to Team Scarab,” Sarah said. “I look forward to working together.”
    Sarah maneuvered past them toward the end of their group, all the pleasantness draining from her features as she approached Amanda Lane.
    Amanda tried to move away, but Sarah sidled up next to her.
    Their group crossed a quadrangle the size of football field. Its flagstones were quartz with sparkling veins of amethyst and topaz. It was like walking on rainbows.
    “I don’t recall inviting you onto the team,” Sarah told Amanda.
    Amanda didn’t make eye contact. Her shoulders hunched, and her head lowered as if she were shrinking. “I . . . ,” she started. “I was just there, and your cousin gave me a token. . . .”
    Fiona wanted to tell Sarah to back off. Amanda hadn’t done anything wrong. They were supposed to be on the same side. But she didn’t know how to confront Sarah without incurring her anger as well.
    Before she could puzzle out the social complexities, Mitch broke ranks and dropped back, walking along the other side of Amanda.
    “Did I hear you correctly, Miss Lane?” he asked. “You actually have a scholarship from the League? The League of Immortals?”
    Sarah looked over at Amanda disbelievingly.
    “It’s nothing,” Amanda said, trying but failing to keep the hair out of her face.
    Fiona was astonished that Mitch had overheard that. More astonished that Amanda was talking about the League in public. Didn’t their rules apply to her, too?
    “I don’t believe Clan Covington has ever received such a scholarship,” Mitch said. “Having the blessing of the League, well, that practically makes her a goddess, don’t you think?”
    Amanda looked up and tried to force a smile on her face.
    “Hardly,” Sarah said with a snort. She left them, catching up to Jeremy at the head of their group.
    Fiona went back to Mitch. “Thanks,” she whispered.
    “Not a problem.” Mitch flashed his easy, reassuring smile. “We’re a team, right?”
    Before Fiona could tell him that’s exactly what she had been thinking, Dante pointed to the building on the right: a domed structure that looked like pictures she had seen of the Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem. This building, however, had a pair of red stone pyramids flanking either side.
    “Our main library, the House of Wisdom,” Dante told them. “It contains the collection preserved from the Library at Alexandria as well as digitized versions of

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