500 frases en inglés realmente útiles (La serie completa)
    Example 2: You are 25 years old, it’s high time that you move out of your mother’s house.

    To tackle one’s (problems) head-on: to deal with your (problems) directly.
    Example: If you ignore the problem it will just drag on. It’s best to just tackle these things head-on.

Unrequited Love

Part One

    I think one of the hardest things about growing up is when you first have your heart broken. I was speaking to a friend of mine who has a 21 year old son. He absolutely adored this girl that he met at University but she was a bit hot and cold with him. One minute she was all lovey lovey and the next it was as if he didn’t even exist. Every time he was just about to give up on her, she would say that she had feelings for him and string him along for a while. But after a while go back to giving him the cold shoulder .

    To (run) hot and cold: this means that the person is friendly one moment and the next they are suddenly very unfriendly. You don’t know if they will be nice one time you see them and horrible the next.
    Example: I dislike his girlfriend, she always runs hot and cold, you never know where you stand with her.

    To have feelings for someone: this specifically means to have ‘romantic’ feelings towards someone.
    Example: He always denied it but I’m sure he had feelings for my cousin.

    To string someone along: this means to keep someone interested in something even though you will never give that thing to them. To deceive someone (over a long period of time) into thinking they will receive something. This is used in connection to both romantic relationships and other circumstances.
    Example: His boss strung him along with a promise of promotion even though he had no intention of ever giving it to him.

    To give someone the cold shoulder: to be cold to someone. To ignore someone.
    Example: I eventually had to break up with her because she just gave me the cold shoulder whenever she didn’t get her own way.Love

Part Two

    Apparently this state of affairs lasted for about six months until he heard that she’d actually hooked up with one of her tutors. At this point he decided to cut his losses and call it a day. Although he was heartbroken he was able to direct his emotions into writing a collection of songs about unrequited love. He released an album which ended up going viral on YouTube and he is now enjoying the beginnings of fame. Of course the girl caught wind of the fact that he was becoming successful and tried to get back with him. But this time he’d gotten over her and thankfully he’s got enough sense to steer clear of her.

    A state of affairs: this means the same thing as ‘situation’ but it usually refers to a bit of a bad situation.
    Example: My parents never really spoke to each other. That state of affairs lasted until I left home and then they just got a divorce.

    To hook up with someone: this means to kiss or have sexual relations with someone. This word is only used by younger people. Note: This phrase is difficult to use so I would avoid trying to use it in conversation, but it is good to know for listening purposes.
    Example: The stars of that reality TV show are always talking about hooking up with each other.

    To cut one’s losses: to decide that you have lost enough and to stop what you are doing.
    Example: My business was extremely in debt so I decided to cut my losses and declare bankruptcy.

    To call it a day: to stop doing something. To call a stop to something. This can be used for long term relationships and projects or for shorter term things.
    Example 1: I’ve been at work since 7am so I think that I’m going to call it a day and go home.
    Example 2: After years of trying to negotiate with that country the diplomat decided to call it a day and close the embassy.

    (For a video/song etc) to go viral: this phrase means that a video etc has suddenly become very popular on the internet. Lots of people are sharing it with their friends or

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