06 - Eye of the Fortuneteller

06 - Eye of the Fortuneteller by R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead)

Book: 06 - Eye of the Fortuneteller by R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead) Read Free Book Online
Authors: R.L. Stine - (ebook by Undead)
    Kelsey Moore tried to scream, but the scream stuck in her throat. The giant
Sea Serpent whipped her from side to side. It moved so fast that she could
barely hold on. And then the green monster began to dive.
    Kelsey tightened her grip. The Sea Serpent plunged down. Down. Down.
    Kelsey screamed.
    She screamed as the Sea Serpent, the biggest, wildest roller coaster at the
beach, rounded the last corner and suddenly jerked to a stop.
    “Wow!” Drew gasped. “I’m glad that’s over.”
    “What a gyp,” Kelsey said as she and Drew climbed out of their seats. “I can’t believe we stood in line for twenty minutes for
that. It wasn’t scary at all.”
    “A gyp!” Drew cried. “Are you crazy? It was totally scary.”
    “No, it wasn’t,” Kelsey said as they headed for the exit. “Did you ever ride
the Exterminator at Echo Ridge? That’s a scary ride.”
    “If it wasn’t scary, how come you were screaming?” Drew asked.
    “Me? Screaming?” Kelsey laughed. “ You were the one who was screaming.”
    “I was not,” Drew lied.
    “Were, too,” Kelsey replied. “The same way you screamed on the
    “Very funny,” Drew shot back. “I screamed on the merry-go-round when we were
six years old.”
    “Yeah, I know,” Kelsey said. “It scared you so much, you haven’t been on it
    Drew reached out and yanked Kelsey’s ponytail.
    “Cut it out!” she yelled. But she wasn’t really angry. Kelsey and Drew were
best friends—and cousins. Cousins who looked practically liked twins.
    They both had the same curly blond hair, the same freckles, the same green
eyes. They even had the same last name. And they were the same age, too. Twelve.
But Kelsey liked to brag that she was older—even if it was only by three weeks.
    Every year their parents rented a house together at the beach. And every year Kelsey had to drag Drew on all the rides. She loved
them. He hated them.
    It had taken Kelsey two whole summers to convince Drew to ride the Sea
Serpent. And after all that, it was a total letdown.
    “I’m telling you,” Kelsey said. “I’ve had scarier walks to school.”
    “I know. I know. You live on Fear Street. There are ghosts and monsters there
every day,” Drew replied.
    “The stories about Fear Street are true,” Kelsey insisted. “Really strange
things happen to people who live there.”
    “Nothing weird has happened to you,” Drew pointed out.
    “Not yet,” Kelsey said. But she had plenty of stories to tell about the
ghosts that haunted her neighborhood. And she told them to Drew about twice a
    Drew rolled his eyes. “Okay. You’re from Fear Street. Nothing scares you.
Nothing except sand crabs.”
    “They don’t scare me,” Kelsey lied. “I just think they’re gross, that’s all.
So what do you want to do now?” she asked, changing the subject.
    “Go on the bumper cars?” Drew suggested.
    “We can’t,” Kelsey replied. “We don’t have enough money left.”
    “What are you talking about?” Drew started digging through his pockets. “We
had almost ten dollars each.”
    “Drew, we’ve been on about a hundred rides,” Kelsey began. “And we spent a
fortune trying to win that stupid prize you wanted.”
    “It’s not stupid,” Drew insisted. “That video game costs eighty bucks in the
store. We could win it down here for only a quarter.”
    “If we could win it for a quarter, how come we’ve already spent fifty of them trying to get it? Besides, there’s no way to win anything on those giant
wheel games. They’re rigged.”
    “That’s not what you said last year,” Drew reminded her. “Remember when you
made us spend all our money trying to win that pink baby elephant?”
    “Oh, yeah,” Kelsey replied. “I remember—we didn’t win one single game.”
    “Well, this time it’s going to be different. This time we’re going to win
that video game,” Drew declared.
    “Okay, okay,” Kelsey gave in. “But we

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