Zombie Pink

Zombie Pink by Noel Merczel

Book: Zombie Pink by Noel Merczel Read Free Book Online
Authors: Noel Merczel
body. Whew. No mosquitoes.
    And she wasn't pregnant and she hadn't been drinking any beer. Her dad would never let her drink beer, and of course she couldn't be pregnant if she never even had sex !
    Although, Gina had to admit, mosquitoes sure did seem to like her. She often got a whole bunch of bites whenever she walked in the woods wearing super short skirts without any underwear underneath . Once she got the itchiest bite right smack in the middle of her naked butt cheek...her biscuit....
    "THE CAR!" Gina suddenly shouted.
    However, a quick inspection of the Defazio's brand new Buick Enclave informed Gina that someone had let the air of out all the tires.
    "That's weird," Gina commented.
    Gina looked up and down Candlepin Avenue. There wasn't anyone else in sight at the moment . Not knowing quite what to do, she slowly headed up the dark street hoping she would run into someone who could help.
    Gina's goal was to make it over to her friend Cara's house. However, Cara lived all the way on the other side of the Shady Oaks development, and Gina could not ascertain exactly where those gunshots were coming from.
    And then there was the matter of the Nelson's scary Rottweiler...or possibly , a stray Pit-bull. Gina was terrified of big aggressive dogs - or even big dogs that weren't aggressive. However, the Nelson's Rotty was terrifying; barking and running after people.
    Gina slowly inched down the street, her heart beating a mile a minute. The road felt weird on her bare feet. Gina hoped and prayed she wouldn't step on a rusty nail since she wasn't sure if her tetanus shot vaccine was still good .
    She wished she could find a large stick to use as a barrier against attacking dogs... or zombies?
    This is Candlepin Avenue, not the woods, Gina told herself. I can see if anything's coming at me .
    Suddenly, Gina saw something...or rather, someone standing next to a large pine tree in the Mathewson's front yard.
    She slowed down, not sure if she should go any further; squinting at the shadowy figure, while trying to figure out who it was.
    It was definitely a woman... was it Mrs. Mathewson ? No, Mrs. Mathewson had shoulder length thick curly hair. This woman appeared to have scraggly shortish hair....unless Mrs. Mathewson got a horrible new hair-cut...
    Holy shit!Gina stopped short. It was the woman who had been in Gina's front yard ! T he one who left the pool of blood (real blood; Gina was positive) underneath the big Maple tree.
    As Gina’s eyes adjusted to the dim light, she saw that the woman's face and the side of her head were all ripped up and that she was all bloody. The woman’s eyes were glowing white orbs, just like that man’s eyes – the man who had broken into Gina's house.
    The woman's blue cotton dress sported an ugly pattern of grass stains, dirt, and blood.
    Mimi spotted Gina standing there in the middle of Candlepin Avenue staring at her, wearing cute flowered shorts and a frilly nighty. Suddenly, Mimi's long torn bloody face darkened into a mask of pure evil.
    "Hi..." Gina called out . "Are you okay?"
    Mimi didn't answer. She began stumbling towards Gina.
    "You were attacked!" Gina said, stating the obvious.
    Mimi slowly and methodically lumbered towards Gina, resembling a rabid dog baring it’s teeth.
    Something wasn't right. Gina sensed it.
    She has that brain control virus, Gina thought. She can't understand a word I’m saying. Oh, I wish I had a big stick! I need to vamoose ! NOW!
    Running on a huge surge of adrenaline, Gina sprinted around the side of the Mathewson’s house and made a B-line to the shed in their backyard . She flung open the door of the shed and slammed herself in.
    There was no lock!
    Gina pushed a wheelbarrow against the shed door. She heard thunder crash ing overhead, along with more gunshots in the distance. She felt a small modicum of safety in the dark little

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