Yours for Eternity: A Love Story on Death Row

Yours for Eternity: A Love Story on Death Row by Damien Echols, Lorri Davis

Book: Yours for Eternity: A Love Story on Death Row by Damien Echols, Lorri Davis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Damien Echols, Lorri Davis
hand there long enough so that your finger goes ever so slightly inside me—my hand on yours the whole time—my eyes locked on yours the whole time—then I will remove your hand—put it into your mouth—and then make you wait.
    I am absolutely shameless, now—sometimes at work I find myself sitting with my legs apart—my head thrown back, my hands on my knees—eyes closed—all I can think of is you—I truly am losing control and I love it. You must be having a great time.
    I want you to know how I am suffering—that will be how I work on you—for you to know that I am constantly waiting.
    Your touch, your kiss, your tongue, your fingers, your voice—
    Always on the brink of hysteria—of possibly madness—
    And sometimes I will take myself as close as I can to you—but I will be screaming your name—pleading for you to save me.
    I am completely entranced with you, my love,

September 3, 1996
    My dearest Lorri,
    I just got off the phone with you, and once again you asked me to teach you to do what I do. Lorri, I swore that I would do anything you ever asked of me, that my only pleasure in life comes from serving you, pleasing you, making you happy, but you don’t really understand what you’re asking me to do, you don’t know what you’re getting into. You see, Lorri, any type of magick, even the smallest little thing, creates a thirst in a person, and the more you learn, the more that thirst grows, until you have to fight with it every minute of every day just to try to keep it from consuming you. Once you realize that with magick, all things are possible, you only crave more, more, more. It all comes down to one thing—power. And it is the ego that craves power. Lorri, magick for the sake of magick is bad , it is a curse on yourself. You are supposed to let these things develop naturally, through certain practices, like yoga or meditation—and it is good, because you are also learning when they are acceptable, and how to use them properly. You remember a long time ago when I told you I didn’t practice magick anymore? That’s because I realized what it was doing to me. That it was using me , I was not using it. And it slows down the progress you make, because it distracts you from the true purpose you are in this life for.
    Please just think about these things, OK? I only tell you because I love you. I can not refuse you anything, so just be careful what you ask of me.
    I will now tell you how to do this one thing, the thing you have asked me for. Don’t expect instant results, because it’s just like anything else—practice makes perfect. You get stronger as you go.
    O.K., first spend a few minutes clearing your mind and concentrating only on your breathing, counting each breath, until you can feel yourself going into a light trance. When you find other thoughts creeping in—stop—and start all over again.
    Now, feel the beauty of your body, feel the sheer perfection of it, stretch, just feel how good it feels to be enclosed in that flesh. Do anything that makes you feel sexy, anything that makes you feel the power of your own sensuality, and always think, “I am beautiful.” Feel and envision the sexuality coming from every pore of your body.
    Then, see me in your mind, sitting across from you, looking directly into your eyes. Feel all of that power, all that sexuality running through your body, and force it up your spine and into your eyes. Force it out through your eyes while you are making eye contact with me. Feel the power, and think, “See me, feel me, want me.”
    That’s all there is to it. It’s very simple. It will also help if you burn a red candle, because they enhance love magick. You don’t have to do it exactly as I say, you can change anything as long as it feels “natural” to you, as long as you can feel it, because if you feel it, I have no choice but to feel it. Experiment with it. All magick is like a muscle that must be flexed: the more you use it, the

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