Wildflower Wedding

Wildflower Wedding by Luann McLane

Book: Wildflower Wedding by Luann McLane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Luann McLane
opportunity to also query some magazines. For the first time ever she could take her writing seriously and it felt pretty damned good.
    When Trish arrived home she noticed that no lights were on at Anthony’s side of the house. She’d barely spoken to her neighbor, but whatever he did, he must be a workaholic. She instantly felt sorry for his dog and decided that she would just take it upon herself to let him out. She knew she should ask permission but kept forgetting to get the lease from Maggie so she still didn’t have his phone number. Surely he wouldn’t mind her letting his penned-up dog out for relief and some exercise.
    Trish hummed along to “Rock Around the Clock” while she changed into yoga pants and a tank top. A glance at her phone told her it was after eleven. When she’d left the party it was still going strong and she had to chuckle at the energy over in Whisper’s Edge. They’d tired her out! After all of the exercise and excitement, she decided that she’d enjoy a glass of wine to unwind while she let Digger romp around for a little bit. She knew that the Irish setter needed the exercise, but she was also sure he would stay close to the house. Since it was dark, there was little chance of anything coming by that he’d want to chase. After that she planned on looking over her notes and perhaps starting her story.
    Armed with a glass of wine, she glanced down at the key chain and felt a little bit guilty opening his door. Perhaps she’d wait for a little longer for Anthony to return. But when fifteen minutes passed and the wine kicked in, Trish decided to do the dog a much needed favor. She wouldn’t go into his apartment, just let the dog out for a few minutes and then go about her business.
    â€œHey, Digger! Come on out, boy.”
    â€œWoof!” Digger didn’t need any other encouragement and bounded out the back door. After giving Trish an excited dance in a circle, he headed out to the grass. She watched, hoping he wouldn’t venture too far. Trish wondered where Anthony worked that he would keep such long and often late hours. “Not the kind of job to have when you own a pet,” she grumbled. Trish had always wanted a dog, but Steve had been adamantly against it. She’d never argued, but now she suddenly wondered if she should look into getting a puppy.
    â€œCome on, Digger,” Trish shouted, and let out a breath of relief when the dog eagerly ran her way. And then she saw why. He had a yellow tennis ball in his mouth. “Oh, so there’s the one that you couldn’t find the other day. Yes, I watch you and your cutie-pie master play. Where is he, anyway?”
    Digger dropped the ball at Trish’s feet and then looked at her expectantly.
    Trish sighed. “Okay, one toss. But then you have to go inside. Lucky you have a full moon so you can see enough to do this,” she said, and then gave the ball a soft toss not too far away. Digger brought it right back and waited. Trish ended up playing with him for about fifteen minutes, but when she yawned she shook her head. “Time to go in, Dig. Surely Anthony will come home soon.”
    To her relief Digger obediently entered the house as if knowing he’d better if he wanted to get the chance to play outside again. Humming to herself as she locked the door, Trish felt in much better spirits. She needed to force herself to get out there, take more chances, and be more social. The residents of Whisper’s Edge certainly were an inspiration.
    Too tired to go over her notes, Trish got ready for bed. Just as she slipped between the sheets, she heard the rumble of an engine. Looking at the clock and seeing it was well after midnight, she shook her head. “Dig, I’m glad I let you out.”
    As she heard the car door shut and the alarm beep, she had the urge to go over to the window and peer out, but she didn’t want to risk Anthony seeing her

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