Wild Fire (The Fairy Tale Match Series)

Wild Fire (The Fairy Tale Match Series) by Danielle Rose-West

Book: Wild Fire (The Fairy Tale Match Series) by Danielle Rose-West Read Free Book Online
Authors: Danielle Rose-West
her up the stairs. “Come on,
this will be fun!”
    They reached the attic in record
time. It was full of clutter and dust, making Laura sneeze. The place was
filled with a families memories from lifetimes. Kerry squeezed through the
piles of boxes and knick knacks, working her way towards the back of the attic.
    “If my memory serves me right there
should be a few trunks of old clothing back here. Believe it or not, my great,
great grandmother was a terrible hoarder. We have boxes filled with old
clothes, pictures, diaries and all sorts. It paints a wonderful picture of
family history, so I am really grateful she didn’t like to throw things out.”
    Laura followed Kerry to the old boxes
and trunks. Kerry was riffling through a really big trunk, pulling out old
clothing with care. “Oh, wow. Look at this!” she exclaimed in delight. In her
hands was a beautiful dress in a deep emerald green. It had a slight tear in
the shoulder and hemline, but that couldn’t detract from its beauty. Laura
sucked in her breath as Kerry held the dress against her front.
    “You would look so beautiful in
this!” Kerry exclaimed. “I can’t believe we had such a treasure up here and I
never saw it before. I could have sworn I’d been through these trunks thoroughly.
Fancy not seeing it! Try it on Laura. We need to see if it fits or will need
    “What if someone comes up here?”
Laura protested darting a glance around her.
    “Nobody will disturb us, don’t worry.
Besides we’ll hear them long before they’d see us.”
    “No buts! Come on Laura, this will be
    Laura tried protesting again, but
Kerry would have none of it. She ordered Laura out of her clothes while she
found suitable underwear. Laura flushed bright red as she stepped out of her
clothing and stood in the dusty attic in only her underwear. She prayed nobody
would come up. The very thought of being caught out like this by Jake made her
burn in mortification, even though a small naughty part of her fluttered with
excited delight. Laura squished it firmly down. There would be nothing but
humiliation in that scenario, she was sure!
    “I’m not wearing that!” Laura shook
her head at the corset Kerry pulled out in triumph.
    “I know they aren’t exactly
comfortable, but they do wonders for a woman’s figure. It’s only for one night
and it will make such a difference to the dress, trust me!” Kerry came towards
her, determined to have her way with this. Before Laura quite knew what was
happening, Kerry had stuffed her into the old fashioned underwear she’d found,
complete with corset firmly laced up. Laura took a breath, hoping not to faint
from lack of oxygen.
    Kerry then helped Laura into the
dress. She did up the fastenings and stood back to admire her handiwork.
Clutching her hands to her chest, Kerry gasped in delight.
    “Oh Laura. You look so beautiful!”
Kerry dabbed at her moist eyes. “It looks like it was made for you. The fit is
so good, even the length. Come look at yourself. There’s a mirror right over
    She drew Laura forward and stood her
in front of an old mirror to see her reflection. Laura’s breath caught in her
throat. The dress, even dirty and torn, looked incredible. It gave her such a
tiny waist. Perhaps the corset really was a good idea after all. The emerald
green of the dress really brought out the colour in her eyes. The material
hugged her body in all the right places. Laura had never felt so beautiful and
feminine in her life. Her heart dropped; there was no way she could wear a
valuable, beautiful dress like this. Even though she’d desperately love to see
Jakes face when he saw her in it. She would just have to find something else.
    “I can’t wear this!” Laura told Kerry
regretfully. “It’s an antique that belongs to you and your family. It’s not
right that I borrow it. I would be scared to death of damaging it.”
    “But I want you to,” Kerry told her
firmly. “This

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