Why Romeo Hates Juliet

Why Romeo Hates Juliet by Anna Mara

Book: Why Romeo Hates Juliet by Anna Mara Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anna Mara
on underneath that terry robe.
    Romeo shook his head at her audacity. “I wonder, what’s bigger than a big bitch? Because whatever it is, lady, you’re it.” Then giving her a huge, self-satisfied smile, he intentionally parted his legs even wider making sure his ‘junk’ was in full view for her. Disgusted, Juliet snorted and turned her head to stare out the window instead.
    And that’s how they spent the rest of their car ride to jail.

    ~ ~ ~

Chapter 17
    The Cavendish police station was situated in a small building on the main thoroughfare of town. Inside was a main counter, various desks for the officers to write up their reports and two small jail cells in the back of the room facing each other on opposite walls. The cells were considered to be more of a drunk tank type of holding cell where alleged detainees could be placed while their paperwork was being processed.
    It was past midnight and one cell held Romeo and the opposite one held Juliet. They had each been placed there the minute they’d arrived at the station and before any information had been asked of them. The two officers who’d arrested them were now sitting at their own computers getting ready to fill out the paperwork.
    Juliet was standing up at the cell ’s edge with her hands grasping the bars tightly. Stunned beyond belief at the circumstances she’d landed in, her eyes frantically scanned the room taking in the uniformed police walking around, the phones ringing, the drunken person slouched against a wall, the steel bars on her cell and her still sore wrists from the handcuffs she’d been forced to wear on the ride over. This was too surreal. How the hell had she gotten here?
    Another round of panic welled up inside of her. Where was Sara? Oh God, please let her have reached Faith and Brad, and let them all show up soon with a lawyer in tow to get her out of this mess.
    She furtively scrutinized her surroundings one more time before allowing her eyes to land on Romeo who was locked in the cell opposite hers.
    Sudden anger lit through her as she continued to study the creep. still wearing his cheap bathrobe and flip flop sandals, he was sitting on the cot with his back against the wall for support. He had both eyes closed - well, at least his good eye was closed; the other one was still swol en shut. If she’d known she was going to get into this much trouble for giving him that black eye, then maybe she should have given him a matching set. He certainly deserved it, the big liar. She hadn’t ‘assaulted’ him like he was claiming. It had all been an accident and he knew it!
    Boy, would she love to haul back and slap that smug, arrogant, hairy, lying face of his and make him tell the truth. She was in here, locked in a jail cell, because of him. She hadn’t done anything wrong or ill egal, unlike him and his stupid drugs. She was totally innocent in all this and he had dragged her into his slimy, sordid world. Now she was facing charges, an arrest and maybe even a jail sentence for something she didn’t even do.
    Not to mention the naked strip-search which was probably only moments away. Think, Juliet, think!! There had to be a way out of this, but how?
    Her sharp eyes landed on Romeo again. He was the key, of course. That bum was the key that could turn the lock on her cell and set her free. If he refused to press charges against her, the police would have no case and they’d have to release her. But how could she get that rotten, lying worm to drop the charges? She certainly couldn’t change her tune and act nice towards him. He’d know she was playing him. So what could she do?
    Tears! That was it! A lot of men couldn’t stand to see a woman cry and maybe Caveman Romeo was one of them. Okay, she knew that resorting to tears was sexist and cliché and maybe a little humiliating, but what the hell? What if it worked? Okay, she’d lose some of her dignity, but she just might get out of this disaster unscathed. But how - how was

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