Welcome to Diablo Vista (Axl Dane #1)

Welcome to Diablo Vista (Axl Dane #1) by Crow Gray

Book: Welcome to Diablo Vista (Axl Dane #1) by Crow Gray Read Free Book Online
Authors: Crow Gray
                  The two of them watched the tent as she masturbated him. Geoff was now standing, and Trista was sucking him. Axl reached over and put his hand behind Rosita's head, guiding her down to his cock. “Suck it,” he ordered.
                  Rosita did, licking up and down the shaft and then taking it deep. Axl thought he had sensed a submissive side to Rosita, and he had been right. He ran his hands through her hair as she took him deep again, displaying great oral talent.
                  “Mmm that's it, Rosita, suck that cock,” he snarled.
                  She moaned around his shaft and took him even deeper. They were both still watching as Trista went to all fours and Geoff mounted her. Rosita deepthroated Axl, holding him down until tears filled her eyes. She slid up, gasping for breath.
                  “Good girl, you know how to suck my dick,” Axl said, guiding her back down. She once again held him as long as possible, then came up for air. She was smiling up at him as she coughed, recovering.
                  Axl reached for his coat, retrieving the condoms before handing one to Rosita. “Put that on me,” he said. Axl wondered briefly if Geoff had used a condom. A little pretty boy like him probably had condoms on him at all times, so he didn't worry himself about it. Rosita looked into Axl's eyes as she ripped the condom open with her teeth. She took the condom and slid it snugly onto his firm cock, her eyes never leaving his.
                  “Are you going to fuck me, Axl? Are you going to fuck me hard?” she said.
                  Axl grabbed her hair and pulled her face directly to his. “I'm going to fuck the shit out of you,” he said, kissing her deeply and sucking her tongue.
                  She groaned into him and returned the kiss before he flipped her over and pulled her legs up, putting them over his shoulders. He rubbed his cockhead up and down her wet slit, teasing her.
                  “No, no, no, please don't tease me,” she pleaded, bucking under him and trying to slide her pussy onto his cock.
                  Axl grabbed her chin in his fist. “I'll fuck you when I'm good and ready,” he growled.
                  His aggression only turned her on more, and she whimpered. He took pity on her, and slowly slid his cock into her up to the root. He started to fuck her slow and deep. She was hot inside, so very fucking hot. Her pussy was wet and gripped him tightly. It was like each time he slid out, her pussy gripped him, desperate to keep him inside. He leaned down and sucked her nipples roughly, nibbling them, tugging them with his teeth. Her tan lines were driving him mad, and he wanted to burn the image of her naked body into his brain.
                  He started to rotate his hips as he fucked her, moving his cock around inside of her. She was now making little whimpers mixed with dirty words in Spanish. Axl didn't know what she was saying, but it was driving him insane. He started to slam into her, the entire vehicle rocking with the force of his thrusts. She was moving up as he was moving down, and soon she let out a scream and orgasmed as Axl continued to pound her.
                  Once her climax subsided, Axl rolled her over on top of him, gripping her nice ass in his hands as he urged her to ride his cock. “Come on, that's a good girl, ride that dick,” he whispered into her ear. She moaned in response and started to bounce on his hard shaft.
                  Axl spanked her ass, getting a yelp. “Ride it harder, come on,” he urged. He spanked her ass more, slapping her firm ass cheeks. He loved the way his palms stung when he smacked her. Her butt was so firm he could spank it all day.
                  “Spank me harder,” she managed to

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