Warlock: A Nephilim's Wrath: A Shawn Moore Novel 02
stopped moving this time to avoid cumming, the way her body
milked me was just too intense.  I started back up as soon as she started to
come down.
    Her voice was shaky and breathless when she came down,
“Mostly I don’t, fall in love I mean.  Some few have wormed their way into my
heart as you have, but in a way they are still with me.  How do you put it? 
They are vacationing at club Malina.  How do you know this isn’t all artifice,
do you truly think you could discern if I was just acting?  You seem to have no
doubt at all.”
    “Why would you bother to go to such lengths?  I don’t see
the advantage in you deceiving me in that way.  You aren’t shy about knocking
my head when I step out of line, and we already have a pact together.  Just,
everything adds up to the fact you care for me.”
    She came again, this time she cried out in ecstasy as her
body violently trembled beneath mine.  When her body milked me hard this time I
just went with it, and didn’t bother to hold back.  I seriously doubted I could’ve
anyway.  I filled her as we rose in blissful pleasure together.  Then I kissed
her passionately as we came down.
    I thought a better question would be how I was in love with
three women at the same time, not to mention fascinated and enthralled with a fourth. 
I dismissed it as irrelevant, it just was.
    We weren’t quite done yet, I started up again, this time a
little harder and faster.  I’d never actually gotten soft, it seemed impossible
to do so while inside my succubus’s body.
    It was a long evening, and sometime that night both Susan
and Lilliana joined us.  I was a little surprised but I suppose I shouldn’t
have been.  The four of us went to sleep, once again sated.  It was just about
perfect, and I knew I was spoiled being surrounded by all of them, but I still
wished Karen had made it over too.  I missed her.

Chapter 13
    Karen stared at the time, it had gotten late.  She was going
over the financials of the last thirty years and was finding even more
corruption.  Of course, all the perpetrators were dead, but she still needed to
figure out some kind of budget to support the government and the mage security
teams that policed and protected the mage community in Chicago.
    It seemed like the taxes were much higher than the costs,
but she was having a hard time tracking down where all that money had gone. 
She sighed, and looked down at the ring on her finger.  She could work on it
more tomorrow, she wanted to relax and go cuddle up with her husband, and more
than that she wanted to be loved by him, vigorously.
    So far they hadn’t found the warlock, and the Johnson issue
seemed settled for now, though she doubted she’d heard the last from that
    She put the paperwork up in her safe and walked to her
closet.  She was torn on what to wear when she went over there, even if it’d
only be on for a short time.  She chose the white lingerie, she actually
thought she looked cuter in the red, but Shawn would like this one more.  She
changed and then slipped into a light blue sundress and headed for the door.
    Her mind was already there with him when she walked out the
back door.  There was a loud shot and her physical protections sucked some of
her magical reserves.   She looked around with mage sight, and didn’t see any
mages.  Another crack and her shields dropped further, but she looked in the
direction it came from.
    She growled in disbelief, it was a human sniper.
    She put him to sleep with a quick spell, and then after
making sure no one was around, she levitated him off the roof and used a third
spell for telekinesis, and pulled him down to her.  She was tempted to kick him
in the face, but instead sighed helplessly and went back into the building, the
unconscious human assassin floated sedately behind her.
    She was more pissed about not going to Shawn’s like she’d
planned, than she was about this idiot trying to put a bullet in her head. 

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