Wanted by ML Ross

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Authors: ML Ross
She’s always there
Saturday mornings.”
we go out tomorrow, I’ll get hair dye. This will work.  It has too. 
So, what do you think?  Redhead or Brunette?”  I run my hands through
my long strands.
but don’t cut your hair.”
shakes his head.  “You have to get some clothes too.”  He says,
staring at my bare legs again.
suddenly gets a pained expression on his face.  “Vanessa, you’re my only
hope.  If you turn me in, they’ll stop investigating and I’ll go to prison
for something I didn’t do.”
not going to turn you in.  I believe you didn’t do it.  Trust me.
 Is there anything else you can think of?  Anything out of the
me, I’ve gone over this a million times in the last month.  I have no
clean up our dishes from dinner and I’m feeling emotionally and physically
exhausted.  I just want to lie down.
He says as he finishes drying the last dish.
need to lay down.”
Go ahead.”
listen. I hate that you’re sleeping in that tiny chair.  I know it’s not
that much better but you can sleep in the bed. With me.  I know you’re not
a creep.  I trust you.  If you’d be more comfortable, I’m okay with
it, really.”
but I’ll be fine.”
wait for him to change his mind but he doesn’t so I nod and head for the bedroom. 
I tuck myself in still wearing his t-shirt and his boxers.  They smell
like him and it does funny things to my belly.
completely dark.  I don’t know how long I’ve been sleeping but I hear the
door open and quiet footsteps.  I feel the bed dip and I feel his warmth
even though he doesn’t touch me.  I have no idea how he isn’t touching me
in this tiny bed. I smile and close my eyes and let sleep take me.
wake the next morning and turn slightly because I can feel him there. 
He’s on his back fully clothed with one foot on the bed and one foot on the
floor.  His hands rest behind his head.  Half of his body is hanging
off the bed, only supported by his foot on the ground. I slowly get up and make
my way to the kitchen.  I need coffee.  There has got to be coffee
here.  I see the coffee pot on the counter and scream a big “yes” in my
head.  I’m as quiet as a mouse searching the cabinets for the coffee and
filters when I see Ryan practically run from the bedroom.  His hair is
sticking up all over the place and he still looks sleepy.  He comes to a
screeching halt when he sees me in the kitchen.  His chest is heaving
happened?”  I’m thinking he had a nightmare or he smelled fire.
thought you left.” He says breathlessly.  I can see the fear in his
walk over to him slowly.  He’s rubbing the back of his neck trying to calm
himself.  I step right up to him and wrap my arms around his neck.  I
place my face on his chest and inhale his scent.  He wraps his arms around
my back and I feel his chin rest on top of my head.  “I’m scared.” 
He confesses.
know.  I’m going to help you.  I’m not going to leave you.”
lets out the breath he’s been holding and squeezes me tighter and oh, good
Sorry.”  We both laugh as he takes a step back. I’m not sure why but I
step up on my toes and I peck his mouth.   “Don’t be sorry.” 

Chapter 9 - Vanessa
seriously looks like the family truckster from National Lampoon’s Family
vacation!”  I squeal bending over in laughter.
know but I can’t drive my FJ.  It’s all dented up and they’ll spot it
immediately.  We have to use Gramps’ car.”
drive away from Gunnison to a smaller town for some clothes, food and
stuff.  We both have hats and sunglasses on. Ryan’s hair is poking out of
his hat, flipping up over his ears.  Adorable.  He has an old pair of
faded jeans on that hang a bit from

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