Vivian Arend - Granite Lake Wolves 2

Vivian Arend - Granite Lake Wolves 2 by Wolf Flight

Book: Vivian Arend - Granite Lake Wolves 2 by Wolf Flight Read Free Book Online
Authors: Wolf Flight
against the headboard to watch Tad prowl his way onto the bed. He
    crawled on his hands and knees until he knelt beside her. He picked her up and
    placed her on his lap, trapping her between the wall and his body.
    “I’m sorry, Missy. Because I messed things up we have to—”
    Missy covered his lips with her hand. “Tad, no more apologies. I love you.”
    He sucked her fingertips into his mouth and teased them with his tongue, his
    mouth hot and greedy as he took control. He kissed her, firm and demanding, his
    tongue sweeping without pause as need poured off him. Tad’s mouth remained
    on hers and her hands slipped over his shoulders. She massaged the strands of
    muscle under her fingers, loving the way their skin sparked where they touched.
    She felt him stroke his erection. Brushing aside his fingers, she circled his length
    with her own grasp. Tad pulled away from the kiss, his head falling back as his

    breathing increased in tempo.
    “That feels so incredible, your hands on my cock. I want to touch you too. You
    know that, don’t you?”
    “Soon. Let me help you first.” He needed release before they truly started. She
    brought her mouth back to his, savoring the taste of him on her tongue even as
    she burned for the velvet steel under her fingers. She stroked, rubbing the
    moisture that rose to the slit of his cock over him to ease the glide of her fingers
    down his length again and again, until he jerked in her hand. His lips froze for a
    moment against her mouth. The heat of his seed washed her belly and thighs
    where his ejaculate landed. He whispered her name, so soft and loving, tears
    came to her eyes.
    Missy pressed a hand on his shoulder to direct him to his back. She straddled his
    waist and stared him in the eyes as she traced her fingers through the semen left
    on her skin, rubbing it in like a fine lotion.
    “Holy Toledo, Missy. The sounds you’re making are killing me.”
    Too caught up in sensory overload she didn’t realize she’d made any noise. Scent
    rose between them like the most exquisite perfume, flowing in streams and
    linking them together into a new combination. She reached down and grasped his
    hands, kissed his knuckles, nipped at his fingers before lowering them to cup her
    Tad was the one groaning as he lifted their weight in his palms. Missy smirked at
    the expression of sheer delight on his face. Men and breasts. Tad gazed at her
    with a fascination similar to the one he’d shown while admiring her truck.
    But not quite. This had more adoration involved.
    He touched her gently, rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefingers
    until they peaked, hard and sensitive. His cock rose behind her, the wet slit
    nudging against her backside. Tad caressed her with his strong hands, brushing in
    big circles and small circles until she thought she’d go mad.

    Tad rolled her off, placed her on her back and dropped his head.
    “I need to taste all of you, Missy.” He lowered his mouth to her breast and licked.
    One hand snuck down to cover her mound, fingers parting her curls to slip into
    her sheath and circle around her clit. While his fingers continued to dance, his
    mouth suckled and nipped, lapping at her nipples until they were dark red against
    her body.
    He kissed her. His mouth hot and demanding as his fingers continued to play her
    like a fine instrument. Every stroke, every touch, brought Missy more and more
    alive as the cold seeped away like a spring thaw settling over the land. The
    tension in her core grew higher as Tad added another finger to tease and touch.
    He curled around her tighter, his rigid cock pressed into her thigh, their bodies
    aligning and touching skin to skin.
    More than the mere touch of his hands and mouth, his heartbeat and his
    emotions began to join with hers and connect them. Intimately. Completely. A
    deep connection of passions and needs, fears and hopes. It was the most
    intoxicating feeling, and Missy opened herself up as much

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