Violet Lagoon

Violet Lagoon by John Everson

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Authors: John Everson
Praise for John Everson
    "Violet Eyes is old-school horror in collision with bleeding-edge science fiction. This is Michael Crichton meets Stephen King. It's a killer!"
    – Jonathan Maberry,
New York Times bestselling author of Fire & Ash
    "John Everson delivers the one-two punch of emotional intensity and skilled storytelling."
    – Scott Nicholson, 
author of Liquid Fear
    "A master of twisted imagery, Everson doesn't shy away from graphic gore; NightWhere is an erotic horrorfest you won't be able to put down!"
    – Lucy Taylor,
Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Safety of Unknown Cities
    "Robert Bloch lives! John Everson's The Pumpkin Man is a lean, mean, supernatural thriller in the best tradition of Bloch and Matheson. The story of a grieving daughter prying open the shriveled gourds of her past, Everson's book yanks the reader along by the nape of the neck – and also, unexpectedly, by the heart – into a dark territory best traveled in a well-lighted room, with a guard on duty. Great stuff!"
    – Jay Bonansinga,
National bestselling author of Perfect Victim
    "John Everson brings something new and edgy to the genre. It's like reading a killer rock record."
    – Paperback Horror
    A thoroughly engaging tale, Siren weaves through two centuries of history to turn a relatively obscure mythological creature into a highly sensual modern antagonist. Everson's excellent prose and vivid storytelling riff on the depths of obsession and sexual addiction. Oh, and did I mention sex? Lots of it."
    – Brinke Stevens,
horror movie actress
    "From its subtly metaphoric opening line to its shattering final sequence (I'm talking the kind of ending that only the best horror/dark fantasy writers can pull off, the kind of ending that makes the finale of Pet Sematary look almost like a Bugs Bunny cartoon), John Everson's The 13th is the first out-and-out horror novel in a long while to actually scare the **** out of me while reading it. It's stylish, extremely well-written, filled with richly-drawn characterizations, and boasts a labyrinthine plot worthy of Umberto Eco. Trust me -- this one will fry your nerves and break your heart." --5-time Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Coffin County and Far Dark Fields "
    – Gary A. Braunbeck,
author of Far Dark Fields
    "A double-barreled shotgun blast of macabre entertainment. THE 13th is an expert amalgamation of grotesquerie, eroticism, mystery, and pitch-black occult horror that no fan of the genre can miss."
    – Edward Lee ,
author of Brides of the Impaler and The Golem

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Copyright Information
    Story and copyright ©2010 by John Everson.
    Dark Arts edition cover art and Preface copyright ©2013 by John Everson.
    Violet Lagoon was originally issued  as part of the three-story collection Creeptych in the Delirium Books hardcover chapbook series. The chapbook was signed and numbered, limited to 150 copies. An e-book edition was originally issued in 2010 by Darkside Digital.  
    Except for fair use for purposes of review, the reproduction of material from within this book for the purposes of personal or corporate profit, by photographic, digital, or other methods of electronic storage and retrieval, is prohibited. This book consists of works of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.
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