Valhalla Hott

Valhalla Hott by Constantine De Bohon

Book: Valhalla Hott by Constantine De Bohon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Constantine De Bohon
    what he meant.
    “Not a good idea to scare a woman in a village full of lusty
    men,” she snapped.
    He got the idea and looked at her contrite. “I am sorry, little
    Valkyrie. Some women like play.”
    She caught the jist of his meaning, and she felt a bit sorry for
    him standing there rubbing his butt. “Warn me next time.”
    “I am warning now,” he replied and winked at her.
    Valerie sighed. She guessed it would soon be her rubbing her
    behind. She wished Hott would just let his brother screw her
    pussy. Ulfr approached like a wolf. The thought made her smile.
    Hott had told her his brother‟s name meant wolf. He certainly was
    predatory enough with his handsome dark looks, and his hard as
    rock muscles. His smoldering gaze made her shudder with
    apprehension. She sensed a need within this man. A hunger that
    Viking Warriors Book 1: Valhalla Hott

    craved satisfying, and her good judgment suggested he held back
    with her when he was with his brother.
    She had experienced a taste of what he craved last night. But
    now Hott wasn‟t around. She was feeling a little apprehensive,
    wondering if she should call Hott. Then she remembered Hott had
    told her it was her choice. If she told Ulfr to leave he would have
    no option but to go and leave her be. But did she want that? He
    hadn‟t hurt her, not really, and the feeling, although a bit spooky,
    was definitely intriguing.
    Ulfr lifted her clothing over her head. He then reached over
    and put the latch across the door he and Hott had made. When he
    dropped his pants, his huge hardened cock sprang free. Valerie
    groaned with another realization. There would be no time for any
    flask. His long legs were covered in black hair as was a small
    spattering on his chest. He grinned down at her. Valerie swallowed
    hard. She wondered if she should run or wrap her arms around
    The choice was made for her. Ulfr pounced. Valerie‟s heart
    hammered in her chest and she grew wet between her legs. Ulfr
    gripped her arms and turned her around, pressing her down over
    the table. It was smooth and she was grateful. The last thing she
    wanted was to be removing any splinters from delicate areas.
    Ulfr‟s greased fingers slid in her ass first. He lifted her hips until
    she rose on the balls of her feet and toes to his waist height. He
    rubbed his hand over her back when she shivered, and spoke to her
    in a soothing deep voice. She had a wary feeling she was about to
    find out more about this man and what he really enjoyed.
    Ulfr placed a hand over her mouth. She whimpered her
    surprise and fear, and again he spoke soothing words into her ear.
    She tugged at the hand for a moment. He kissed her back and
    shoulders gently then nuzzled her neck. He loosened his grip on
    her mouth, holding his hand an inch away and then very gently
    exerted the pressure back. She was right. He wasn‟t trying to
    Viking Warriors Book 1: Valhalla Hott

    frighten her. It was his form of play, and she could stop him if she
    chose. She settled and allowed his hand to stay where it was. Her
    heart pounded in curious anticipation. What was he going to do?
    Ulfr pulled one of her arms down to her side, then the other.
    His powerful arm slipped around her waist, pinning her beneath
    him. Then his hand locked over her arm and wrist stopping any
    protest. His breath was hot when he again said a word she knew
    was an endearment. His penis nudged her opening. He said
    something else that sounded like a question. She wasn‟t certain
    what he asked, but she wanted him to take her, and she nodded.
    He grunted in satisfaction, and she wondered suddenly what
    she had agreed to. She heard his intake of breath, right before he
    rammed his entire length up her ass so hard his pelvis slapped
    against her behind like a small clap of thunder. It was a good thing
    he covered her mouth! Valerie screamed louder than she had ever
    screamed in her life.
    He removed himself completely, very slowly, and rammed

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