Unraveling of Avery Snow, The

Unraveling of Avery Snow, The by Christy Sloat

Book: Unraveling of Avery Snow, The by Christy Sloat Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christy Sloat
respond to that?
    “I missed you , too. Although I honestly didn’t know how much until you pulled in,” I replied. His smile faltered a little. I could tell he didn’t like my response very much, but it was the honest truth. 
    “Stay the night?” he asked as h is smile found his lips again.
    “Not tonight, I am to o tired from the drive. But I will come in for a cup of coffee,” I offered.
    Sipping coffee a short while later, he caught me up on the last few days. I could tell he was trying to not talk about work as much. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to talk about it, I just didn’t feel up to listening to it 24/7, especially after our fight. He told me he met Kerri and Justin for lunch and Ianni came as well. I was happy to hear she was getting out. I missed her most of all. I had not talked to her much.
    Landon had disappeared into his room once Dallas pulled up. It seemed like he was never around when we were together. He had commented that he loved my new hair, saying it suited me, which made me sigh happily. To be honest I had been worried he wouldn’t like it. But with Dallas, he pretty much loved everything about me.
    “So how was Landon? A perfect gentlemen, I hope,” Dallas inquired. I did detect a tad bit of jealousy in his voice. I set my coffee down and nodded. “Good. I know he would never try anything, I just want to make sure is all.”
    “Dallas, you have nothing to worry about . You know the reason I took him—” He put his fingers on my lips to stop me mid-sentence.
    “I know , Avery, and I owe you for it. He hasn’t been the same since, well, since the incident.” I wasn’t aware that’s what we were calling it. He meant the fact that an angel shaved his memories. I thought he could have called it something else. I didn’t really feel the word did it justice. It was more than an incident, more than a single event. I almost died that night, for God’s sake. But we never talked about that.
    “Avery, where did you go?”
    “Huh?” I snapped back to focus.
    “Just now, you were staring off when I was asking how the hotel was.”
    I smiled. “It was stunning. I’m sorry I am just super tired.” He took my coffee cup and rinsed it out. I noticed movement behind me and it was Landon in a pair of boxer briefs. Holy God, the sight was incomparable. I mean, Dallas’ body went on and on for days. His tattoos were beautiful, but Landon had this tight, toned body that I had never imagined he hid under his clothes.
    “Just came down for a snack, you’re still here?” he asked.
    I pulled my eyes from his abs and smiled. “Yep.” I couldn’t say anything else or the drool might fall out of my mouth.
    Dallas pulled out a tray of cheese and crackers and Landon attacked it. I passed on the food since I had to go home. I had plans to make for Kerri’s bachelorette party. I also had to catch up with Ianni.
    “Time for me to say farewell,” I told the boys. Stuffing their faces, they waved. “Okay, don’t choke on your food, guys.”
    “We won’t,” Landon said with a mouth full of crackers and a goofy grin.
    “Drive save, babe,” Dallas called after me as I left them.

    Chapter Fourteen
    Black Feather
    The clouds were covering up the moon as I drove home. It wasn’t as clear a night as it was in Monterey. I missed it already. It was great to get away from everything and I should have done it right after the incident . I laughed at the thought of calling it that. I had survived two Dark Guides, but when I thought about it, I gained Ianni and my father back. So many bad things have happened, but good things turned up in return. I wondered if that was the way of the world. Bad things have to happen in order to make room for good. I pondered the question as I searched for a decent song on the radio. Finally I found one; a song with a morbid name, The Funeral , but it was beautiful. I cranked it up and drove home with the windows down. I came to the light by my house. I

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