Unfinished Dreams

Unfinished Dreams by Amanda McIntyre

Book: Unfinished Dreams by Amanda McIntyre Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda McIntyre
fog in her mind.
    “Your hair.” He smiled and she realized he was teasing. Heat flickered in his eyes. “I’ve tried to guess about a million different ways how your hair would feel. None of them come close.” His lips parted slightly as he focused on raking his fingers through her hair.
    Few men had ever found her short tufts sexy. Richard often remarked how the style looked too much like a mans . Gabe’s avid interest threw her for a loop.
    Her body relaxed and she gave herself over to the bliss of his hands moving from her hair to her neck. She closed her eyes, tipping her head, thoroughly enjoying the release of her inhibitions washing over her.
    “Don’t hate me for this,” he whispered soft against her cheek.
    She frowned, unable to understand until she felt his lips, leaving tender kisses along her jaw. He turned her chin towards him and his dark eyes searched hers looking for her signal to stop.
    As crazy and unlike her as it seemed, stopping was the furthest thing from her mind. She hoped her gaze conveyed as much.
    He smiled before his lips touched hers, at first tentative, exploring. His mouth was warm and sweet, slid over hers slow, as though savoring the taste.
    Tess’s emotions began to unravel. Between the storm, the fire, and the solitude of being miles from anyone, she abandoned herself to these few moments of utter bliss.
    “Why on earth would I hate you?” Breathless between kisses, she searched for meaning amid the passion. “I don’t know what’s happening here.” The words left her lips on a sigh.
    His mouth left hers and trailed a line of hot kisses down her throat, a low moan escaping from him as he peeled back the collar of his shirt she wore. He kissed the hollow of her shoulder, as his fingers tightened on her legs.
    He pulled away, his face inches from hers. His eyes were cloudy with desire, seeking her reaction. “I don’t want to take advantage of the situation, Tess. I like you…a lot, if that isn’t evident.”
    She shifted on his lap, sensing the confirmation of his words. Much to her surprise, her own control was too quickly slipping away. Before she could speak, he cupped her face, capturing her mouth with his.
    She was fearful of how much she wanted to be with him. “Being taken advantage of is not what I’m concerned about.” Her words came out between his mind-drugging kisses. She was mesmerized, swept from reason by her desire to experience the rugged mystery of this man.
    But while her body truly wanted one thing, her heart and mind cautioned her to slow down and hopefully try to identify whatever was happening between them. She wasn’t into one-night stands, and as much as she’d consider the bliss of doing so with him, she wanted more than just a one night stand with him. She straightened, purposely pulling away.
    “I guess we should take things a little slower.” He licked his lips, and released a sigh. “I’m sure there’s plenty more you’d like to know about me.”
    His admission gave her a glimmer of comfort as much as cause for concern, but at least he was being honest.
    “I’m sure you feel the same way about me.”
    He gaze dropped to her mouth and bounced right back to her eyes.
    “So, what do we do here, Tess?” He pressed his lips together in a straight line, his brows furrowed with his intense look. He sat rigid as though restraining himself from touching her again.
    It wasn’t helping her resistance any. Truth was she wanted to feel his lips on hers again. She ran her fingers through his hair, trying to convince herself that she could be clinical about this. But the burning look of desire in his eyes forced her to deal with her own desire head on.
    “Gabe, we’re two healthy adults caught in a storm a million miles from anyone.” She held his gaze, as the heat of the fire warmed her back, his gaze took care of the front.
    “Had you hoped to make this easier?” His mouth lifted in a sensual grin.
    What was happening between them

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