To Seduce an Omega
and stared at her feet.
    Her heart stuttered, and she took a deep breath as her dreams shattered. She’d lusted after Titus in ways that embarrassed her, but now she felt far too naked. Exposed, even. Her body steamed for him, but she had no future with a Lykae who’d already found his true-mate. Hell, they were lucky he could get a cockstand for anyone but the woman who things hadn’t worked out well with . Maybe, if he thought of another woman, he’d be able to screw her after all. Yesterday, the touch of Titus’s lips against hers had been like a slow-burning enchantment, filling her with burning needs that blistered her heart. When he told her he’d brought down a gazelle for her, her heart had leaped to stupid conclusions. She should have known an alpha wolf like Titus would never court an omega like her.
    The way he stiffened and yanked his chains when he spoke about his mate showed the pain he held inside. Some she-wolf had hurt him, and no matter what insults or derision he threw at Viola, he didn’t deserve the pain of losing his true-mate. Only, where the hell did that leave her? She wanted to consume his thoughts while his cock filled her body, but only an idiot would dream of things like that.
    Yesterday despite his harsh words, her heart had insisted he was hers. Then his sweet gesture—hunting down fresh meat for her—touched her in ways she hadn’t expected. He must have revised his first impression of her to do something as thoughtful as that.
    She glanced up at him from beneath lowered lashes, but seeing him heave at his chains almost broke her heart. Even chained and helpless, his anger swirled around him like a bullfighter’s cape.
    She hated that her friends—and Titus—would be sacrificed for the pleasure of the sphinx race. Whatever it took to help them escape, she’d do it—even have sex with a man who thought about another woman while he screwed her.
    Tansy seemed to have regained her composure now that there was a chance they could fire up Viola’s Fae powers and escape. She shimmied out of Daniel’s embrace, leaving him stranded at the far side of the cell, and sped to Viola’s side. “Maybe it’s an alpha thing, but Titus is rock-hard for you. Your impromptu striptease appealed to his body if not his heart. Honestly, Viola, your first time should be with him, not some bastard sphinx who’s guaranteed to hurt you.”
    Viola hid her face in Tansy’s shoulder. “I never… Okay. I mean if I have to, but I always thought I was Lykae. Suppose Titus is wrong, and my father’s not Fae?”
    Daniel had hung back, but drawn in by Tansy’s words, he moved in close enough to skim his hand down Viola’s spine. “It’s a risk worth taking. At least we can make your first time better than if a sphinx forces himself on you.”
    Titus’s frustrated howl echoed around the cell.
    Daniel jerked away from the women, but Tansy wouldn’t let anyone bully her mate. “We need to get out of here, and Viola needs us to light her blue touch paper so you can screw her without hurting her. I’m not thrilled at my mate touching another woman, but you don’t see me turning all possessive here.”
    Titus looked away, clearly having trouble controlling his temper. Viola realized he hated having to screw her as much as she craved having his cock inside her. The attraction she felt for him was one-sided, but that didn’t stop her wanting to run her fingers through his hair or nibble on his solid chin. Given half a chance, she’d taste him somewhere lower, like that interesting bulge Tansy had noticed in his trousers.
    Knowing any sex they shared would be for practical reasons, not their mutual delight, choked her, but she’d take whatever he offered. It wouldn’t be easy, not with Daniel and Tansy watching. Viola had thought her first time would be with love and laughter, not dirt and disgust, but they needed her supposed powers to escape. Like her, Titus would just have to accept the

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