To Bite A Bear
Sometimes you need a grand gesture to prove
    your love, and sometimes a bear hug will do.

    Harris Bender had a crush on vampire leader
    Rohan, so when the alpha male requests him to
    paint a mural, he can only say yes. However, after
    a passionate encounter, Harris discovered Rohan
    is his mate. Is the carefree artist ready to settle
    down with one man even if he’s extremely hot?
    Rohan had been looking for his blood bonded
    for centuries. One taste of the bear shifter’s blood
    and he knows he’s found the one. However,
    outside forces threaten to tear the couple apart. It
    will take more than a flash of fang to put them in
    their place.

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    To Bite A Bear
    Copyright © 2013 Amber Kell
    ISBN: 978-1-77111-598-8
    Cover art by Angela Waters

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    To Bite A Bear
    Banded Brothers Book Four


    Amber Kell


    For my fans who tell me they want shifters other than
    wolves. This series is for you.


    ohan walked with his friend through the
    R small art gallery. Large numbers of people
    had turned out for the First Thursday Art Walk to
    see local artists displaying their wares. Paintings,
    sculptures and art covered the walls and perched
    on pedestals throughout the building. Some of the
    art Rohan didn’t understand, no matter how many
    years were under his belt. A few artists stretched
    the definition of art so far, it no longer resembled
    anything Rohan wanted to put in his house.
    Rohan preferred the purity of the classics. He
    didn’t get abstract art; he preferred good lines, a
    delicate touch and a defined subject matter. The
    rest, he considered junk. Some might think him a
    snob, but at five hundred years old, Rohan had
    long stopped caring what others thought.
    “Look at that one,” Vick said. Rohan had
    already known he didn’t share his friend’s artistic
    taste, but tonight, it was confirmed . The vampire
    liked anything with bright colors and oohed and
    ahhed his way through six galleries. Some of the
    Amber Kell

    pieces Vick excitedly pointed out were beyond
    However, in this one case, Vick was right at
    least about the artist.
    Rohan froze mid-step. It took concentrated
    effort to continue his walk. The painting, a
    brilliant display of bold colors and fine lines, took
    up most of the wall. The striking art piece called to
    Rohan almost as much as the man standing beside
    it. Big shoulders, strong hands and an animalistic
    power rolled off the dark-haired artist, who
    waved his hands expressively as he talked to his
    golden-haired companion. If it wouldn’t have
    caused a scene, Rohan would’ve grabbed the
    gorgeous shifter and dragged him home.
    However, with this being an art show, the artist
    might complain. The sign above the painting read
    Harris Bender .
    Rohan’s gums tingled with anticipation. He
    fought back the urge to march across the room
    and plunge his fangs into the delicious shifter’s

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