Jeff Humphries, known as The Professor at his office, is the go-to guy if you want state of the art digital technology. He’s worked with a list of clients that would make most people jealous. But he’s long since grown tired of having to travel long distances. He has no friends, no life and no real reason to keep working at the lab.
    Danielle Evans is a best-selling singer, with a long list of hits behind her. But her personal life is a lie. She’s been nurturing a fierce burning desire for white men. A desire that won’t go away. She knows that she must quench that burning fire soon, or it will consume her. And so she hatches a plan to bring Jeff Humphries into her fold. For she will have what she wants.
    But while sharing a night of passion in the pool one hot summer night, the man without friends and the woman with a secret will both get something sorely missing in their lives.

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    The Professor
    Copyright © 2012 Jon Bradbury
    ISBN: 978-1-77111-128-7
    Cover art by Angela Waters
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    Published by eXtasy Books
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    The Professor
    Jon Bradbury

    To two people: Thanks to my buddy Kyle Dodge for his kind permission to use “pervert mode.” And to Kristine Wyce of Kristine and the Sting, wherever you are. This one’s for you.

    Chapter One
    For what seemed like the millionth time that day, but was probably only the tenth, I plugged one end of a USB cable into a custom-made high-definition camera and connected the other end to the computer.
    The camera, about the size of an inhaler, just like the kind that I’ve mounted on both airplanes and racecars, giving race fans and debriefing officers a birds-eye view of the action, was giving me problems. I thought I had it fixed. But the camera was proving resistant to my efforts. I had just replaced the circuit board, a damned small one about the size of postage stamp. Now it was time to see if my fix had fixed the problem. I looked at the clock on the computer and was shocked to see it was two thirty . I’d been working on this camera all day! Straight through lunch, as my stomach reminded me.
    Much to my pleasant surprise, the computer not only recognized the camera but showed me what it was seeing. I gave a great big, “ Yeah!” and pumped my fist.
    Someone passed my cubicle and said, “What’s all that about, professor?”
    Frowning at the professor handle, because I hated it, I turned in my chair and said, “Oh, hi, Freddy. I finally fixed the camera.”
    He entered my cubicle. “Nice work.”
    “High five.” Smack . “Did you have to replace the circuit board?”
    “Yeah. See, check it out.”
    In the middle of our conversation, my computer ping ed. I rotated my chair back around, and saw an instant message had popped up on the screen, from Marlene Hammond.
    Please come to my office right away .
    “What’s up?”
    “Miss Hammond wants to see me about something.”
    "Oh, shit."
    "That's what I just said."
    "Better go see what

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