The Warning

The Warning by Sophie Hannah

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Authors: Sophie Hannah
her house—after our visit to Nadine.”
    “Who did? Lorna?”
    He nods.
    “No. Drop me off at my . . .” I change my mind mid-sentence. “Actually, can you drop me off at CamEgo? I want to see Tom, as soon as possible.”
    “No problem.”
    As I climb out of the car, my phone buzzes twice in my pocket. A text. I wait until I’ve waved Simon off, then pull out my phone, praying it’s from Tom.
    It is. Four words – “A mouthful of fish! T xx”—attached to a photo so unflattering that I’m amazed he dared send it. His mouth is wide open and there’s half of what looks like a tuna sandwich stuffed inside it, hanging out because it won’t all fit in.
    It’s not the salmon fillet from earlier, but I suppose tuna will suffice as evidence. Eating fish did happen and here’s the picture to prove it: a gross one that would put many women off, perhaps, but not me.
    I love Tom Rigbey, and I’m going to marry him. He could push a charity worker under a bus tomorrow, or have the flag of some unpronounceable country ruled by a dictator tattooed on his face and I would still love him every bit as much as I do now.

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    Reply: [email protected]
    Posted: 2013-07-04, 16:17PM GMT
    Looking for a Woman with a Secret
    Hello, females!
    Are you looking on here because you’re hoping to find something that stands out from all the dull one-line I-want-a-blow-job-in-my-hotel-room-type adverts? Well, look no further. I’m different and this is different.
    I’m not seeking casual sex or a long-term relationship. I’ve had plenty of the first in my time, and I’ve got one of the second that I’m happy with. Actually, I’m not looking for anything sexual or romantic. So what am I doing on Intimate Links? Well, as I’m sure you’re aware if you’re clever (and I suspect that the woman I am looking for is very bright), there are different kinds of intimacy. There’s taking off your clothes and getting dirty with an illicit stranger, there’s deep and meaningful love-making with a soulmate . . . and then there’s the sort of intimacy that involves two people sharing nothing more than a secret. An important secret that matters to both of them.
    Perhaps these two people have never met, or perhaps they know each other but not very well. Either way, they can only establish a bond of common knowledge once the one who has the information has given it to the one who needs it. Think of the rush of relief you’d experience if you shared your burden, after the agony of prolonged silence with the secret eating away at you . . . If you’re the person I’m looking for, you’ll be desperate to confide in someone.
    That’s where I come in. I’m your confidant, ready and eager to listen. Are you the keeper of the secret I’m waiting to be told?
    Let’s find out by asking a question that only the person I’m looking for would be able to answer. It will make no sense to anyone else. You’ll have to bear with me. Before I get to the question part, I’ll need to lay out the scenario.
    Picture a room in a large Victorian house: a spacious, high-ceilinged first-floor bedroom that’s used as a study. There are overstuffed built-in bookshelves in this room, a pale blue and brown jukebox with curved edges that has a vintage look about it and is much more beautiful than the kind you sometimes see in pubs, an armchair, a filing cabinet, a long desk with square wooden legs and a green glass top that has a laptop computer at its centre. The computer is neither open nor closed. Its lid is at a forty-five-degree angle, as if someone has tried half-heartedly to push it shut but

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