The Sex MANual: Uncensored

The Sex MANual: Uncensored by Desiree Dean

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Authors: Desiree Dean
class with your woman. This gives you both something to do together to strengthen your relationship and it gives you all of the tools you need to swoon her with your cooking. Plus, she is going to think it’s incredibly romantic that you want to try something new with her.
    • Buy her gifts . This one is a no-brainer. Women love gifts and they love being spoiled, even if they tell you otherwise. Women love that being spoiled feeling, even if they act like they don’t need that. Of course, a lot of men aren’t made of money and they are unable to spend thousands of dollars on jewelry. That is okay. Even a small purchase such as a ring or a necklace under $100 will give her that heart warming feeling that makes her feel loved and important. If you want to be even more romantic, try making her jewelry. There are many books that can help you and teach you how to create a necklace for her or even a bracelet made of hemp. Something personal and original will go a long way and show her how much you truly care about her.
    • Dance with her . If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend all sorts of money on your woman, then don’t fret because there are still plenty of ways that you can be romantic and make her feel special. One of the sexiest and most romantic things that you can do is to dance with her. After cooking a special meal, put on a song that you know she loves and ask her to dance with you. Even if you aren’t a really good dancer, holding her close and swaying with her to a song will sweep her off of her feet and make her fall even more in love with you.
    • Write her a love note . Remember back in your younger days when you would write your crush a note asking her out or telling her how pretty she was? Well that is still effective to this day. Writing your woman a small note about how beautiful you think she is or how much you love her and leaving it in a place where you know she will read it will certainly warm her heart and make her feel special. You don’t always have to go overboard with your romantic gestures and sometimes something as small as a love note can really make her feel like your one and only.
    Using these forms of romance can really help the two of you become much closer and much stronger as a couple. They help you to get in touch with your softer side, which is something that all men need at some point. By becoming more in touch with your sensitive and romantic side, you’d be amazed at how that influences sex. When you both are in that same mindset and the love is just pouring out of your bodies, you will see how in sync you both become in the bedroom and how much more amazing sex becomes.
    Don’t associate romance with weakness. That is the biggest mistake that men make. Men think that other men who are romantic are weak but that is not true. In fact, it is the opposite. Men who are romantic are more in touch with themselves and far more confident. They know how to properly treat a loved one and more importantly, they know how to treat a woman.

    Chapter 12
    The Do’s and Do Not’s of After Sex
    Even if you may be on your way to becoming a total stud in the bedroom, there are still some quick tips that you need to know. Even if you just totally gave your woman some of the best pleasure she has ever felt and an orgasm that has left her paralyzed with pleasure, you still could potentially ruin the night by acting like a jerk.
    Men and women are both very different after sex. Men tend to shut down and become distant because their bodies require that opportunity to replenish and refocus, while women are more in tune with their bodies than ever before and they want to keep the love and connection going. This is when you can either make it or break it in the bedroom and if you want to make it, then you have to follow the Do’s and Do Not’s of After Sex.
    This chapter is designed to help keep the good vibes flowing between you and your woman. The last thing you

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