The Private Stable [Iron Spur Ranch 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

The Private Stable [Iron Spur Ranch 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Stacey Espino Page B

Book: The Private Stable [Iron Spur Ranch 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Stacey Espino Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stacey Espino
Tags: Romance
Wyatt. “Except a night to remember.” He removed his own shirt, maintaining his place alongside her.
    Ethan moved in, like a predator bearing down on its prey. His powerful arms held up his weight on either side of her frame.
    “Both of you?” These were hard-core cowboys. It was hard to digest the fact that they could share her during sex with no reservations.
    “Better for you,” said Ethan. He leaned down and kissed her lips, taking her by surprise. At no point did she truly consider her experience real. It was sex, nothing more.
    Kissing changed it all.
    Rachel couldn’t even remember the last time she’d shared such intimacy. Ethan’s lips were warm and thick. Despite his eagerness to continue, he wasn’t aggressive. Rather, he made her feel special.
    When he pulled back there was a seriousness in his eyes. She wanted to trust him, allow him to fend off the world, but had to be smart.
    “Take her,” said Wyatt. “I want her so full of cock she’ll be begging for air.”
    She faced Wyatt. He licked his lips in a slow, sensual drag. There was rough stubble along his strong jawline adding to his masculine appeal. She loved his take-charge attitude and dominant role on the ranch. He made her feel safe, feminine, and completely wanton.
    Ethan complied, snapping her lace panties clean off her body. His strength astounded her. He slid the head of his cock up and down her slick folds, coating himself in her abundance of moisture. Her body tensed in anticipation. She’d never had another man, and this would solidify the next stage of her life. When he pressed the first couple inches inside her, she gasped. He was so well endowed, filling her to overflowing.
    “Sweet girl,” he whispered in her ear. His breath was hot and soothing. He kissed her neck, slowly sinking that thick cock into her pussy. Deeper, deeper, deeper. Once fully seated, he stayed motionless as if savoring the moment.
    “How’s she feel?” asked Wyatt. It was odd and uniquely titillating knowing Wyatt was right beside them, watching every intimate moment. Would they take turns with her, trading places when one had their fill? Would Wyatt’s cock differ from Ethan’s?
    “Fucking tight. You have no idea.”
    Ethan pumped in and out of her pussy, slowing at first, quickly picking up a rhythm. He was an excellent lover, knowing just how hard and fast to go to take her to the next level. Wyatt grew impatient, reaching between them to squeeze her breasts, nipping her earlobe.
    “I’m going to come,” she blurted as the heat grew to a precipice.
    “Uh-uh,” said Wyatt. “It’s way too early for that.”
    Ethan pulled out, leaving her throbbing, on the verge of orgasm. Within seconds the desperation eased, but the need didn’t fade.
    Wyatt kicked off his Wranglers. He was even more cut, his muscles mature and weathered. A light sprinkling of hair traveled from his navel to a monstrous cock. She wondered if all the men working the Iron Spur Ranch were as well hung as these two.
    He traded places with Ethan, settling between her legs. Wyatt wasted no time filling her to the hilt in one fluid motion. She cried out, the intense pleasure beyond anything she’d ever experienced in the past. He worked without faltering, fucking her hard enough to rub her clit with his pubic bone with each upthrust. The springs of the bed protested, her breasts jostling wildly.
    Ethan grabbed her hand, forcing her to hold his hot, hard erection. She held it like a life preserver as Wyatt rammed into her body. Rachel couldn’t help but moan as preorgasmic bliss began to wash through her.
    “I don’t want you to come, hear me?”
    How long did Wyatt expect her to wait? She nodded to ensure he wouldn’t stop but was uncertain she could actually comply.
    “I’ll tell you when you can come, and it won’t be until after we’ve double-teamed you.”
    Double-teamed? His dirty words were her breaking point. Her body erupted in a flash of colored light, her lower

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