The Pleasures of Summer

The Pleasures of Summer by Evie Hunter

Book: The Pleasures of Summer by Evie Hunter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Evie Hunter
Tags: Romance
would find the man who had given Molly the water and get him to help her. And if she couldn’t find him she would do something herself.
    There was no sign of creepy surgeon guy, but she did see a familiar figure in the crowd. Peter the Highwayman. Heaving a sigh of relief, she hurried across the room and tapped him on the shoulder.
    ‘Well, if it isn’t the little wild child?’ He inclined his head in a small bow. ‘Is there some service that I can perform for my lady?’
    ‘As a matter of fact there is. It’s my first time here and I’m afraid I’m lost. I need to find my way back to the playroom.’
    Peter offered her his arm. ‘It would be my pleasure, my lady.’
    Clutching the sleeve of his greatcoat, Summer allowed him to lead her through the club. Peter seemed nice. Maybe she could ask him to help her. ‘Um, have you known Robert long?’
    ‘Just at the club and some private parties. Robert is quite a showman. He is always worth watching when he plays.’ He slanted a speculative look at her. ‘I wouldn’t have pegged you for one of his girls. You don’t strike me as the sort who likes group play.’
    Group play? What was he talking about?
    His eyes raked over her skimpy dress and Summer wasn’t sure if she should pull it up or down. ‘Something tells me that you’re a virgin.’ He gestured around him. ‘To this scene, I mean. But don’t worry, Robert will fix that.’
    ‘No!’ The exclamation burst out of her before she thought.
    The highwayman’s eyes gleamed. ‘Well, if you are looking for someone else, I’d be happy to oblige you. I bet that pert little arse would wriggle a lot if I had you over my knee.’
    Oh god. She had no idea how to get out of this. She needed someone to help Molly. If she promised the highwayman he could spank her, would he help? Even now, the thought of what would happen if she made enough of a fuss to attract attention made her shudder. She had to do this quietly, without calling too much attention to Molly or herself.
    A new player had entered the room. His white pirate shirt was open to the waist, displaying tight abs and a V ofdark hair. A black leather kilt with a studded belt covered his thighs. Slung over his right shoulder was an arrow quiver. Dark stubble decorated his strong jaw. His mouth was set in a stern line that spelt danger for anyone who crossed him, but it was his eyes that caught and held her attention. The gold-flecked hazel was almost black with rage. It was Flynn.
    Flynn was here.
    Summer cringed, waiting for his anger to focus on her. She had lied to him, deceived him. She deserved every bit of it, but she didn’t care as long as she could get Molly out of here. Standing at the edge of the crowd, Flynn had the stillness of a predator waiting to pounce. His eyes scanned the room, taking in everything. Nothing escaped his attention. She knew that he had been a soldier. Was this what he was like before he went into battle? There was an aura of suppressed power about him that was incredibly sexy.
    Others apparently thought so too. A Dom leading two white-shirted schoolgirls by their school ties approached him. Flynn politely declined before resuming his scan of the room. His eyes passed over her. He hadn’t noticed her. The hair. She had forgotten about her hair.
    ‘Come along, my dear, I promised Robert that I’d take care of you.’ Highwayman Peter took her arm.
    Summer flinched. She couldn’t let him take her out of here. ‘I can’t. I’ve just seen my Master.’
    Highwayman gave her a disbelieving look. ‘Your Master? And which one would he be?’
    Summer glanced towards the doorway. Her change of appearance had only fooled Flynn for a moment. He wasstriding through the crowd with an expression as dark as a storm cloud. Flynn inclined his head to Highwayman politely before shooting her a glance that would melt steel.
    ‘She says that she is yours,’ Highwayman offered.
    Flynn’s eyes narrowed. ‘Aye, I’m afraid that she is.

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