The Paddle Club: A Fun, Romantic and Erotic Spanking Novel

The Paddle Club: A Fun, Romantic and Erotic Spanking Novel by Susan Kohler

Book: The Paddle Club: A Fun, Romantic and Erotic Spanking Novel by Susan Kohler Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Kohler
Tags: Erótica
going to come, sooner or later.”
    “I just hope this one,” he patted her belly and kissed her, “comes soon.” At that moment another pain hit, the hardest so far, Suzanne was ready!
    The doctor came in, checked her briefly and said, “All right, this is it.”
    What followed next was a progression from hell to heaven, and into total shock for James. The birth of their daughter was very hard for him to watch at first. He didn’t like seeing Suzanne in pain, and was too scared and excited to relax until he actually saw the tiny head emerge. His fear faded and he became proud and exhilarated as he watched the rest of her small body come into the world. She was perfect and healthy; also slimy and all kinds of strange colors until the nurses cleaned her off. She was beautiful.
    The doctor held the tiny baby up for Suzanne to see but she didn’t let Suzanne hold her. A nurse took her off to one side. James looked over to watch the nurse working with his daughter and something strange registered in a corner of his brain. He turned back to ask the doctor about it and he was completely taken by surprise! Suzanne was in labor again. A short time later a tired, stunned, but thoroughly happy James went into the lobby to find their friends and family. “They’re here; twin girls and they are both healthy and beautiful,” he announced with a wide smile. “They both weigh about five pounds, give or take a few ounces. Suzanne’s fine. Would you believe it? She never even told me she was having twins. I never even guessed until I realized they had two bassinets in the delivery room, and that was after the first one was born.”
    James’ mother, Elizabeth, a trim gray-haired lady of fifty with a merry grin hugged him, crying. Then his father, Frank, a dapper gent of sixty hugged him so tightly James was worried about his ribs. Aw heck, he thought dazed, at least cracked ribs would go well with his shattered right hand. Both father and son had happy tears in their eyes. Then he accepted hugs and congratulations from Suzanne’s mother, Mary. She was in her late forties and was a shorter version of Suzanne with her dignity, sense of humor, jet-black hair and vibrant blue eyes. She was dressed in a peach knit dress and looked really smashing.
    “I’m gonna have to spank that girl because she never even told me, her own mother, that it was going to be twins!” Mary was a little surprised when a couple of Suzanne’s friends laughed so hard they almost choked on their coffee. “Hey! I’m just kidding.” Everyone quickly assured her that they knew she was joking. Everyone decided to go to the nursery to see the babies together, as a group. After that, they were going to go out to brunch to celebrate. They took the new grandparents along since they would have to wait until a little later before anyone could get in to visit Suzanne. James went back to his wife as he knew his parents and his mother-in-law were all in good hands.
    “You better rest up, my dear. The whole group is visiting the nursery and then they’re going out to brunch, but that’s as long as I can hold them off. Then the invasion begins.” He kissed her gently. “Have I told you yet that I love you?” “Not lately,” she smiled wearily, “but I think I already knew.” A nurse brought in the twins. “So what do we name these two?” James asked.
    “Darned if I know.” She yawned. “That’s your job. Surprise me.”
    “How about Mary and Elizabeth?” they heard Frank say. They looked over and saw the group gathered in the doorway. “That’s what grandmother’s are for.”
    “We weren’t going to name the baby after any of the grandparents because we were afraid we’d hurt someone’s feelings,” Suzanne explained.
    “However since we have two, one for each new grandmother, I think it’s a good idea.” James kissed her gently. “What about you?” “I love it,” Suzanne said tiredly. “Which is which?” “We can decide later.”

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