The Paddle Club: A Fun, Romantic and Erotic Spanking Novel

The Paddle Club: A Fun, Romantic and Erotic Spanking Novel by Susan Kohler Page B

Book: The Paddle Club: A Fun, Romantic and Erotic Spanking Novel by Susan Kohler Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Kohler
Tags: Erótica
liquor license, but we also have almost any juice, soda or designer water you can name and, of course,” she rubbed her belly gently, “milk.” “I’m sorry, that was rude of me, wasn’t it? I shouldn’t be making judgments about you without the facts.” Carol apologized but it was a very stiff and insincere sounding apology. “I would enjoy some lemonade.” “I’m not really sure you should be judging us at all, Carol. After all, what right do you have to judge us?” Sherry said quietly. “But we’ll answer your questions anyway, since we have nothing to hide.”
    “Clay, this is Carol,” Suzanne said as Clayton came walking up to join them on the steps. “Carol, this is Sherry’s husband, Clayton. Would you be a dear and bring her some lemonade? And orange juice for me. What about you, Sherry?” “Milk,” she made a face, “but don’t ask me to like it.”
    While they were waiting for Clay to bring the drinks Suzanne took the direct approach with Carol. “I don’t know exactly what you’ve heard but in a way you are right, as this is a sort of sex club. It’s probably not what you’re thinking, but it is a sex club.”
    Clay brought the drinks, including a beer for himself. He surprised Sherry with a chocolate milk shake instead of just a plain glass of milk. He handed out the glasses and then sat on the clubhouse steps, leaning gently against his wife’s knees.
    “Thanks Clay, you’re a doll.” Sherry was pleased with his thoughtfulness.
    Suzanne took a large swallow of her orange juice and spoke quietly. “Clay, Carol has heard some of the nasty rumors about us and she’s a concerned citizen. I told her we were, in fact, a sex club.” “Subtle, Suzanne, real subtle.” He grinned at her, took a long drink of his beer and met Carol’s eyes. “But, fair’s fair, we are a sex club of sorts. We don’t do the things you’re probably worried about though.”
    “How do you know what I’m worried about?” Carol asked, a touch of acid in her voice. “What could you possibly know about me?”
    “As much as you could possibly know about me,” Clayton paused. “Let me guess. You are probably thinking about promiscuity, group sex or maybe even orgies. Then there’s liquor, drugs, increased crime, maybe even prostitution, plus the effect of all those things on the community, especially young impressionable kids, and the added problem of sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS. Is that about it?” Carol nodded, “How did you know?” “Because,” Clay said gently and firmly, “we worry about those things, too. The truth is, we don’t have sex with anyone but our own spouses, or if a member’s single, his or her lover. There is no swapping going on here and we don’t have group sex, or public sex. Drugs and alcohol? We don’t do drugs, and anyone who does is kicked out of our club immediately. We also have an excellent system for making sure no one who leaves one of our parties is driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol. Anyone who has a DUI after one of our parties is not only just plain stupid but they are also immediately kicked out. Sexual slavery? No one is exploited here or asked to do anything against his or her will. Everything is consensual. Child molestation? Not only would any member with a hint of any those proclivities be kicked out, but also reported to the police. No one under the age of twenty-one is allowed to attend, drink or take part in anything even remotely sexual. In fact, if someone is immature for their age, we’ll keep them out too. We have members who are doctors so we get free health exams frequently. Bad for the community? We try to keep our activities out of the public domain. We very generously support several local charities, and we will kick anyone indulging in illegal activities out on their rears. Anything else?”
    “That sounds good, but how can it be a sex club if you don’t have sex?” Carol was puzzled.
    “We like to

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