The Millionaire Meets His Match

The Millionaire Meets His Match by Kate Carlisle

Book: The Millionaire Meets His Match by Kate Carlisle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Carlisle
    â€œOkay,” she said, smiling. “but only because it’s chocolate.”
    â€œThat’s my girl,” he murmured.
    Time stood still as he watched her close her eyes, open her mouth and take the bite. Then she sighed.
    â€œOh.” She licked her lips and moaned. “Oh, my God. Oh, it’s fabulous.” She swallowed, then licked her lips again.
    In an instant, Adam’s body was tight and aching. So much for playing hard to get. He wanted her with a need that burned right through him. In his current condition, he’d never make it out of the restaurant alive. Fine with him. He’d send the staff home, then make love to Trish right here.
    So much for his grand scheme of withholding sex until she begged for it. He was the one who would beg her if he had to. Without even trying, she was the sexiest woman he’d ever met.
    She was saying something, but he couldn’t hear her. All the blood that might’ve helped his brain function had recognized a more urgent need and rushed to his body’s lower half.
    Adam tossed his napkin on the table and stood. “Let’s go,” he said, almost growling the command.
    â€œDon’t we have to pay the bill first?”
    â€œI own the place, sweetheart.” He came around to pull her chair out. “There is no bill.”
    â€œI guess I really am tired if I forgot that.” She smiled up at him.
    But on the way out, she insisted on stopping to thank everyone who’d waited on them, then poked her head into the kitchen and called out her gratitude to Jean Pierre, who came running over to kiss her on both cheeks and thank her profusely.
    She had a way of making everyone feel special, including Adam, he thought as he led her out of therestaurant. He was beginning to wonder just exactly who was seducing whom.
    Riding up in the elevator, Trish could barely breathe. Her heart raced and she shivered with pleasure, he was standing so close. She should’ve backed away and cut herself off from his touch, but she couldn’t bear to. Not yet. Once they were back in Dunsmuir Bay and reality set in, she would deal with these forbidden emotions. But right now she simply wanted to concentrate on his masculine scent, feel the soft pressure of his arm against hers, appreciate his tall, confident stance and wonder how it would feel to be wrapped up in his arms.
    She shivered again.
    â€œYou’re cold,” he said, shrugging off his jacket and slinging it over her shoulders. Then he put his arm around her and pulled her closer. “The mountain air can sneak up on you.”
    â€œThank you,” she murmured, wondering if he’d read her mind. If so, couldn’t he see that it wasn’t the cold making her shiver? Good grief, she was burning up—couldn’t he feel it? But it felt so good to be pressed against his hard body, she never wanted him to stop holding her.
    Even though she knew it didn’t mean anything. Could never mean anything. He was just being polite, after all.
    Trish made an effort to keep her thoughts casual as she glanced around the elevator. Even in this small space, the hotel’s rustic style prevailed, with a charming bench to sit on and kitschy antler sconces on the walls.
    There had been a few times during dinner when she thought Adam might be attracted to her, thought he might even be tempted to kiss her good-night. But hewas all business now, holding himself rigid even though he had his arm around her. It was just as well. She had no business thinking they could ever be more to each other than boss and assistant. And, lest she forget, she still had her mission to accomplish, even though at the moment, she could barely remember what that mission was.
    It must’ve been the champagne, or maybe the chocolate mousse. She wasn’t thinking clearly at all.
    They left the elevator at the top floor and Adam stopped at a door halfway down the hall. Using a card

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