The Goddess Within

The Goddess Within by Amarinda Jones

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Authors: Amarinda Jones
The Goddess Within
    by Amarinda Jones
    Copyright ©2007 by Amarinda Jones
    First published in 2007, 2007
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    The Goddess Within
    by Amarinda Jones
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    The Goddess Within
    ISBN # 978-1-906328-28-3
    ©Copyright Amarinda Jones 2007
    Cover Art by Anne Cain ©Copyright August 2007
    Edited by Claire Siemaszkiewicz
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    The Goddess Within
    by Amarinda Jones
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    The Goddess Within
    by Amarinda Jones
    The Goddess Grind:
    Amarinda Jones
    The Goddess Within
    by Amarinda Jones
    Dedicated to every short, fat, thin, tall, clumsy and graceful goddess.
    Belief is the first step to being. Never let anyone limit you, for you are fabulous.
    The Goddess Within
    by Amarinda Jones

Chapter One
    The present
    Mardi Keller screamed as the orgasm drove her face forward onto the floor.
    "Oh God," she panted out loud as Stryker continued to thrust hard and deep into her from behind. She clutched at the short pile of the carpet and thanked God that fate had brought this delicious man her way. Mardi pushed up and back against him feeling the heat of his balls as they slapped against her arse. Her knees were wobbly and her heart was pounding but she wanted all this man had to give. At the last hard thrust of his cock, Mardi shrieked in pleasure and fell to the floor gasping for breath. "Bloody hell you are good." Stryker laughed and dropped down on the ground beside Mardi, pulling her into his arms.
    "You are beautiful," he murmured against her lips as he kissed her softly.
    "I have my moments." And this was definitely one of them. Mardi looked into his eyes and for a split second saw her future.
    "Marry me Miss Mardi."
    Mardi's eyes snapped open with amazement. Of all the things she expected to hear this was not one of them. She pushed away from him in shock.
    "What? Are you nuts?"
    One hour ago
    The Goddess Within
    by Amarinda Jones
    "She has the most luscious arse I have ever seen. My cock stands up and salutes every time she walks by. And those breasts. I just know they would be delicious to suck on." The man's voice was husky and low with barely contained passion as it came through the walkie-talkie on the desk. "And I adore red heads."
    "I tell you that man is talking about you Mardi!"

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