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Authors: Shawn Johnson
leaving her out here alone.”
    â€œBrandon?” she calls out. “Will you stay with Charlotte, please?”
    He shrugs. “Sure.”
    Bobby gives me an apologetic look.
    â€œIt’s fine,” I assure him. “Everyone will be here soon.”
    â€œOkay. Find me when you get inside.”
    Kristine loops her arm around his and starts to lead him away. I’m not sure why I’m so bothered by her possessiveness. Her hip keeps tapping against his. I’m surprised either of them can walk, with her snuggled so close to him.
    â€œMan, she wants them to get back together so badly,” Brandon says. “It’s pathetic.”
    I jerk my attention to him. He’s leaning against the wall. “What?”
    He curls up one corner of his mouth. “You didn’t know they used to be an item?”
    I shake my head.
    â€œFor about three years. They broke up right after winter break.”
    Well, that explains some of the hostile vibes she sends out whenever I’m talking with Bobby.
    â€œHow could you not know that?” Brandon asks.
    â€œI must have missed that edition of the Jefferson High Yellow Jacket Enquirer .”
    He laughs. “You’re funny. You should consider running for student council next year. Better yet, run for president.”
    I almost throw out my usual line about no time, but I realize that I don’t have to explain myself or my decisions to him. Plus he’s just making conversation, so I settle for a noncommittal, “We’ll see.”
    It’s another twenty minutes before everyone arrives. Apparently not all the members are as committed as Kristine. Once all the passes are gone, Brandon and I head inside. We walk through the short hallway where tickets are sold and skates are rented. At the doorway into the main area, we show our passes. As soon as we stroll into the dimly lit area, Brandon sees someone he knows and veers off. I wander to the railing that circles the wooden-floored area where people are skating. I can’t remember the last time I came to a roller rink.
    Mirrored balls hanging from the ceiling send light dancing around the skaters. The skating floor is pretty packed. There’s an area circling the rink, where those not skating have congregated to talk. I can see an occasional bench. On a few of them, couples are kissing. That would definitely work for prom. I try to imagine twinkling stars across the ceiling.
    â€œWhat do you think?”
    I jump at Bobby’s unexpected voice breaking into my thoughts. He’s standing beside me at an angle so that my shoulder is almost pressed against the center of his chest.
    â€œI think what matters is what Kristine thinks,” I answer honestly. I try to picture him with her, and the image just doesn’t compute. She’s beautiful and popular but a little on the harsh side.
    He shrugs. “She likes it. We figure we can set the DJ up over there.” He points to the opposite end of the rink.
    â€œThat would work. I assume the rink itself will be the dance area.”
    â€œThat’s what some of the committee members were saying before you came in.”
    â€œWe could set up little tables in the area around the rink, like sidewalk bistros in Paris. Have little refreshment stations.”
    â€œThat could be fun. Have you been to Paris?”
    I nod. “I went last year. It’s a beautiful city.” I glance around. “Are we supposed to be meeting up with the other student council members somewhere?”
    â€œWe’re actually finished. Well, except for the decorating committee. Kristine is talking things over with them, but everyone else is free to leave.”
    I furrow my brow. “We went to all this trouble to come here just so we could take a peek and then leave?”
    He grins. “Apparently so.” Leaning forward, he places his forearms on the railing. “Do you skate?”
    â€œNot in a while.”

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