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Authors: Shawn Johnson
I think he was trying to make an impression.”
    â€œI get that from time to time.” We reach the car, and he opens the passenger door for me. Not a date, I repeat to myself. He’s just being polite.
    â€œDoesn’t that bother you?” I ask.
    â€œSometimes. But I like that you didn’t know who I was when we met.”
    â€œHow do you know I didn’t know?”
    â€œBecause you said it was okay if I went to the other movie. And you weren’t clinging to my arm like you’d forgotten how to walk.”
    As I slip into the car, I wonder if he often has to deal with girls like that. “I’m not much of a clinger,” I tell him.
    He grins. “I like that about you. And you’re with me now. By choice.”
    â€œBut it’s not a date.”
    He winks. “Definitely not.”
    With that, he slams the door closed. Warning bells are going off, because Josh might have been right. Bobby might be thinking that this is a date.
    Worst of all—I’m kind of hoping he is.
    â€¢Â Â â€¢Â Â â€¢
    As the car moves smoothly through the traffic, though, I decide that Bobby isn’t considering this a date. His black jeans and dark-gray T-shirt don’t exactly scream, I went to a lot of trouble to impress this chick . Although, the soft cotton does nothing to hide the fact that he is in great shape.
    â€œDo you like wrestling?” I ask.
    â€œI love it. Love all sports, actually, but I’m too short for basketball, too small for football, and too slow for track. But wrestling works for me because I compete against guys my size. I’m only five-seven.” He darts a quick glance at me before returning his attention to the street. “Is my size a problem for you?”
    I laugh. “Are you kidding? You’re still a foot taller than me.”
    â€œGood to know.”
    I feel my cheeks grow warm. “I mean, it’s a total non-issue, since you’re only giving me a ride.”
    â€œThat’s true,” he concedes. “You mentioned that you can’t date until you’re sixteen. When will that be?”
    I stole that excuse from Zoe. I have no idea when my parents might let me date. “Mid-June.”
    â€œThat’s not so far off,” he says.
    I look out the window. It’s not far off. I need to change the topic. “Do you like being on the student council?”
    â€œIt keeps me out of trouble.”
    I chuckle. “Yeah, I bet you’re a real troublemaker.”
    He gives me that grin again. “I have my moments.”
    The roller rink comes into view. He pulls into the parking lot, parks, and turns to face me. “Be warned. Kristine is going to make this excursion into a big deal—like securing-world-peace big deal.”
    â€œShe likes being president.”
    â€œShe loves being president.”
    We’re both smiling as we get out of the car and head toward the building. I spot Kristine standing near the entrance with a few of the other student council members near her. Her eyes narrow as we approach, and she taps her cell phone. “You’re late.”
    â€œSo?” Bobby asks. “We still beat half the members.”
    â€œThat’s not the point.” She flicks her hair over her shoulder. “We can go in and start checking things out. I have free passes for all the council members.” She hands one to everyone else standing around her, then gives the remainder to me. “Since you’re secretary, please wait out here for the late members. Everyone else, inside.”
    Bobby looks at me. I’m not sure if he expects me to protest at being given this chore, or expects me to be upset that we have to separate.
    â€œGo on,” I tell him. “I’ll be fine.”
    Kristine touches his arm. “I need you with me so that we can figure out if there’s a good place for a DJ to set up.”
    â€œI brought Charlotte. I’m not

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