The Dragon Savior of Tone: World of Tone: Book 2
mountains where the valleys split. The two larger mountains both had massive rock slides that filled in both of the split valleys. The final and largest lake stretched from the dual rock-slides to the two large mountains that sat in front of the village of the squat creatures. This lake was larger than the Lake of Solan. Terra noticed an odd thing where the dual rock slides had closed the split valleys. A path had been forged across the top of these slides and the central mountain.
    He looked closer and saw that the path circled around three of the mountains and down to the devastated plain, on the opposite side toward the boxed green valley of nymphs. The path then went across the top of the two rock-slides to the other side of the lake. At that point, it appeared they tried to push the path toward the coast but failed. A significant amount of wood was piled at the edge of the second lake that had obviously been hauled up the path. Perhaps, the dwarfs were trying to build floating platforms to reach the coast. Terra could tell the entire path had not been used for many sets of seasons and it appeared to be abandoned and collapsing.
    He turned and continued his mind flight down the edge of the mountains.

Chapter 16 - Dark Mountain
    (Darkness can be a benefit or a curse.)
    - The Time of the Draman -
    As Terra flew down the edge of the mountains, he could see them curving into the center of the landmass. Terra could see lightning flashes across the flat land. The lightning seemed to be hitting, no, attacking, the dead trees, but was staying away from the mountains. The darkness became more profound above the flat land as he followed the curve of the mountain range. The clouds were lighter above the mountains, as if Tone was fighting this plague of darkness.
    He came across another large walled village with perhaps another two hundred thousand of the squat creatures. This village was at the mouth of a long, deep crevice that followed along the edge of the mountains. At the base of the crevice was a dry bed where once fast moving water flowed. The village was built similar to the other villages, except it had two openings. One faced away from the crevice, while the other faced the crevice.
    The crevice ended and as he moved up the curve of the mountains, they finally came to the end of the range. There was, in the distance, a great black mountain at least twice the height of any other Terra had seen until this point. He flew in his mind vision toward the great mountain, crossing the flat land. Lightning had destroyed the trees—only dead trunks remained. Even as he flew across this area the lightning constantly exploded between the black clouds and the few twisted dead full height trees left.
    As Terra approached the dark mountain, he saw a set of low hills that surrounded it. It looked as if caves had been dug into the hills. He could see a few of the squat creatures huddling in the entrances of the caves. The hills formed a circle around the massive mountain.
    The mountain sat in a lake of dull black liquid. The surface of the liquid rippled and seemed to be as thick as mud. Lightning struck all around the mountain, striking both the hills and the lake surface. The bolts avoided the mountain itself. It seemed to bend away from the sides and top of the black edifice.
    Above the mountain, the clouds swirled into a vortex of deep black, which created a dark crown around its peak. The entire mountain and its surroundings were completely barren of life except for the squat creatures living in fear of the devastating lightning.
    Terra, in his mind flight, flew around the monstrous mountain. He could see only one cave opening. It was slightly above the black lake and was even darker than the mountain itself. He could feel a hatred emanating from the entire area. It seemed to flow from the gaping opening in the mountain’s side like an ill wind.
    Terra knew he would have to approach this mountain

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